Beneath the Din

A collaborative exhibit by Michael Sweeney and Danielle Thierry @ Da Vinci Art Alliance.Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney’s “Conscious/Subconscious” @ Da Vinci Art Alliance.  At first glance the image appears to be a sculpture but it’s actually a mixed media installation with Sweeney swathed in white sitting in a cardboard apse. Sweeney tells DoN, “The tree represents the subconscious and the figure the conscious.”  The show ran through 10/26.Mike Sweeney

Mike Sweeney @ The Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Lilliana Didovic & Shoshana Aron @ Da Vinci

Art Party @ Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Mike Sweeney

DoN LoVeS this piece by Mike Sweeney, “Lichen 2” an 8″ x 10″ photo.  DoN recalled the photo from Mike’s show @ Smile but did not get to write about it then or for his last DoNArTNeWsLetter; the photo of green moss is perfectly complemented by the appropriate mat color and lustrous gold frame.  Sweeney’s show @ Da Vinci was a wonderful combo of paintings, photography and mixed media, hopefully we’ll see more of this talented artist in the near future.  Stripping away the extraneous put against nature Sweeney allows us to see the stark contrast of our own minds. 

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