Muralist Jon Laidacker @ 915 Spring Garden

Jon Laidacker

Artist Jon Laidacker in his studio.   Sunday, 10/19 @ 2:00 the new mural by Laidacker was dedicated at 17th & Snyder called Behold, the Open Door based on Raphael’s School of Athens.  Shoshka, Alden and DoN visited Jon & Andra in his studio @ 915 Spring Garden while taking a break from Charles Cushing’s Tango after-party during the POST/East weekend.  Jon includes characters from the neighborhood in the massive works and works closely with the community to produce appropriate imagery with history and style.  DoN will post a report on the dedication ceremony soon.

Jon Laidacker

 That’s Jon Laidacker in the upper left working on a mural – WoW! 

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