Bonnie Schorske @ Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville

Fine art photographer Bonnie Schorske currently is exhibiting skillful black and white photos in the front room of Artists’ Gallery, an artist co-op in Lambertville, NJ.  Bonnie has chosen to focus on two major subjects for her show: dogs and pigeons.  DoN loves dogs so was immediately drawn into how Bonnie captured urban canines and how they patiently tolerate the conditions their masters impose.  DoN has tied up ArT DoG Katy outside of many shops and the image of a dog on a short leash really pulled on his heartstrings.

But pigeons!?! Yuk – right?  But, Schorske intersperses masterful images of the urban pests with historical factoids, shedding new light on the much maligned birds.  Did you know pigeon poop was used to invent gunpowder?  Or their important missions as information carriers before electronic communication?  Or that they live 30 years!?! 

Dog portraits by Bonnie Schorske @ Artists’ Gallery.

 Dog portraits by Bonnie Schorske @ Artists’ Gallery.

Artists’ Gallery is shared by 18 other fine artists, several of which are included in the currentAbsolutely Abstract show @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club.  The group rotates exhibits in the front room with two artists sharing the space and the rest of the group displaying work in the back rooms.  DoN was surprised to see art friends Rich Harrington (who recently saved the day for the Hitoshi Nakazota lecture @ PSC).  Rich is a professor of illustration at Moore College of Art and has several masterful watercolors on display.

Artist Richard Harrington @ Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville.

Artist Richard Harrington @ Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville.

Painting by Andrew Werth @ Artists’ Gallery.  Werth won an award @ PSCs Absolutely Abstract show.

Painting by Andrew Werth @ Artists’ Gallery.  Werth won an award @ PSCs Absolutely Abstract show.

Artist Gail Bracegirdle @ Artists’ Gallery.

Artist Gail Bracegirdle @ Artists’ Gallery.  Gail also has work in the Absolutely Abstract show.  Gail teaches a class called “Watercolor Anarchy” @ The Art Colony of Ty Hodonish.

Artist Carol Sanzalone shares the front room with Bonnie Schorske @ Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville.

Artist Carol Sanzalone shares the front room with Bonnie Schorske @ Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville.  Carol’s bold, fluid watercolors are a perfect counterpoint to Bonnie’s photographic realism.  The trip to Lambertville with art buddies Shoshana, Shirleen and Alden Cole was adventurous and left us each wishing we had more time to wander around the quaint village. Artists’ Gallery is located at 32 Coryell Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530.



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