Doris Peltzman presents “Joie de Vivre” @ Carspecken Scott Gallery

November 13th Shoshana and DoN traveled to Wilmington for the opening of Doris Peltzman‘s one-person show at the prestigious Carspecken Scott Gallery at 1707 Lincoln Street.  Even though the evening was drizzly many of Doris’ fans came out to celebrate her glorious floral paintings.  With more than fifty paintings on display DoN couldn’t help but have his mood brightened by the strong colorations and confident brush-work from giddy to somber to solemn flower paintings.

“Tarte du Jour”, oil on canvas by Doris Peltzman.

Tarte du Jour“, oil on canvas by Doris Peltzman.

As artist Sue Barnes said, “They are Doris!”  Artist and teacher Stanley Beilen stated, “Doris has solidified her skills, kind of born with a painters gifts with inborn color preferences.  Doris did all the good things in life, now her painting quality and brushwork is maturing.” 

View through the window of Carspecken Scott Gallery in Wilmington, Delaware of Doris Peltzman’s art exhibit.

View through the window of Carspecken Scott Gallery in Wilmington, Delaware of Doris Peltzman’s art exhibit.

Painting by Doris Peltzman.

Painting by Doris Peltzman.

DoN spoke extensively with gallerist Fred Carspecken on how he came to know Doris.  “Doris came in a year ago and made friends with Laurel (Fred’s assistant) and became part of a group show, when I returned some pieces to her studio in Philadelphia I expected to be there only 30 minutes but five hours later we were still talking.  Now I adore her, I love her work and that she’s created a second life for herself.  She’s done everything right.”  Since Carspecken Scott Gallery has been in business for 35 years, DoN thinks Fred knows of what he speaks.

Doris Peltzman @ Carspecken Scott

Doris Peltzman (in red) hosting her one person opening at Carspecken Scott Gallery in Wilmington, De.

Queen Anne’s Lace by Doris Pelzman

Queen Anne’s Lace” by Doris Pelzman.  Sue Barnes told DoN Doris was visiting Sue’s shore house and instead of painting the water like all her friends she found a simple flower to study.  The restrained palette and smooth brushwork is unusual for Doris, perhaps that’s why this painting had a red dot next to it – DoN LoVeS red dots!!!

Paintings by Doris Peltzman.

Paintings by Doris Peltzman @ Carspecken Scott Gallery.

Painting by Doris Peltzman.

Painting by Doris Peltzman in the window of Carspecken Scott Gallery, this is one of Doris’s latest and largest paintings to date.  Her exhibit runs through early January – try to make the trip to Wilmington, the joyous flowers will make you forget your Winter blues. 



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