Inspired By, Ben Cohen, Church St. Art & Craft

Inspired by, Ben Cohen, Church St. Art & Craft

Inspired by, Ben Cohen, Church St. Art & Craftshowing Faces, Figures, City/Landscapes, June 3rd – June 28th, 2015. Reception, Saturday June 6th, 6:00 – 8:00pm. Church St. Art & Craftformerly Home Fine Art Gallery, 2 Church St. (at White St.), Mt. Holly, NJ 609-261-8634

“This show is an eye opener for me. At 92, it taught me I can still learn from 5 year olds with no art training.” – Ben Cohen

Inspired By, Ben Cohen, Church St. Art & CraftInspired by, Ben Cohen, Church St. Art & Craft

“I am “Inspired” by the spontaneous line, uninhibited brilliant color, fearless use of form, and the very direct self expression exhibited by our very young self taught artists – I have learned a great deal from their work. – Ben Cohen

ben9Inspired by, Ben Cohen, AlaskaChurch St. Art & Craft

“My paintings range from expressive realism to semi-abstract;
and I work in pastel, gouache and transparent watercolor.”

ben8Inspired by, Ben Cohen, Water IceChurch St. Art & Craft

“I try to make the viewer “wake up” to life as we know it. I do this by the use of ordinary subject matter and hopefully an exciting handling of color, content and format. I want to give my message in a direct easy-to-understand manner.”

ben7Inspired by, Ben Cohen, Sunlit SilosChurch St. Art & Craft

“I look for the something in areas and situations thought of as “nothingness”, and I invite the viewer to participate in these situations. Sometimes I do people with scenes and sometimes scenes with people. For the most part I feel that much of the so-called nothingness can be uplifting and thought-provoking.”

ben5Inspired by, Ben Cohen, Gordan, pastel, Church St. Art & Craft

“I feel the artist must continue to grow and convey a message.”

ben4Inspired by, Ben Cohen, FarmsteadChurch St. Art & CraftInspired By, Ben Cohen, Church St. Art & CraftInspired by, Ben CohenChurch St. Art & Craft, Blue Skies

Church St. Art & Craft is an eclectic art space. We are a cooperative art gallery in the historic Mill Race Village in Mt. Holly, NJ. We are a custom frame shop, a place to gather and create art and a shop to purchase charming hand made gifts. In short, a wonderfully creative place to visit!

Thank you to Ben Cohen and Church St. Art & Craft for the content of this post.

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