Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company

Friday evening Shoshka and DoN attended the opening of Karl Olsen’s art show at Philadelphia Java Company, 518 South 4th Street near South Street.  DoN first became aware of Olsen’s work at a MCOPA show last Fall and since then has come to know him as a fine artist, optimistic art coach and enthusiastic experimenter.  In Philly there is a group of artists always willing to offer a kind word, supportive complement or worldly critique, Karl is one them. Because of this quality many of Olsen’s friends and admirers turned out to view the array of paintings, pastels and linocut prints Olsen has displayed throughout the large space near hip South Street. Now that the mall stores are finally leaving South Street (thank GoD, Micky D’s is finally gone), the punk rock vibe is returning to South Street – definitely more fun, even Dobb’s is reopening, Yay!

Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.

Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.  

DoN especially enjoys the linocut prints Olsen creates in the studio by literally drawing into linoleum block with a gouge, creating sinuous lines and crisp, bright images when printed on paper.  Olsen has a thoughtful habit – he makes sure he offers copies of the prints he creates to his models as an extra thanks for performing the often difficult job of posing for hours.  Olsen also presented fresh watercolors, unusual mixed media and strong drawings, all beautifully framed and presented on the bare brick walls.Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Linocut print by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Linocut print by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

Painting by Karl Olsen @ Java.

The crowd at Java for Karl Olsen‘s one man show included photographer Rick Wright, photographer Bonnie Schorske, painter Anders Hanson, singerKelvin Cochran of The Absolute Zero’s with his adorable daughter, Domino who munched on hummus and finger food while the grown-ups sipped wine and admired the art.  Kelvin Cochran advised DoN his rock band will be appearing at Tritone for Tuesday night’s open mic slam.

Art party for Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.

Art party for Karl Olsen @ Philadelphia Java Company.


All photographs by DoNBrewerMultimedia Photography  

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