Larry Collins and Dermot Meagher

Larry Collins, stadler-Khan Gallery

Larry Collins, charcoal and graphite drawings on paper, stadler-Khan

Alex Stadler is excited about the upcoming art show in his space featuring the drawings of Larry Collins and Dermot Meagher. The stylish design studio on Sansom Street is amazing and Alex shared a sneak peek of the upcoming art show featuring two prominent Massachusetts artists. Larry Collins is an art consultant and fine artist, Dermot Meagher is a fine artist, novelist and retired judge, both are influential Provincetown area artists.

“Dermot Meagher, pronounced ‘Mar’, does these lovely drawings, the images are very light-hearted. He’s coming for the opening. They’re both gentlemen in their late 60s, early 70s, both, Larry actually is a Viet Nam Veteran and Dermot, they’re both veterans from that period of time. We’ll have both of their drawings here on exhibit and Dermot will be here.

Dermot is also a novelist, he writes mystery novels, and he’s also the first openly gay judge in Massachusetts. He’s a really cool guy. It’s going to be a really nice show.”

Larry Collins, stadler-Khan Gallery

Larry Collinsstadler-Khan

“A graduate of the University of Oklahoma and the Massachusetts College of Art, the value of his artistic training became starkly evident to Collins during the Vietnam War, when he was pulled from an infantry line company to become an Army combat artist and photographer.” – Larry Collins

Dermot Meagher, stadler-Khan Gallery

Dermot Meagher, ink on paper, stadler-Khan

Dermot Meagher & Larry Collins, stadler-Khan Gallery

Dermot Meagher & Larry Collins, stadler-Khan, 1724 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA, 267-242-7154, artist reception May 3rd, 6 – 9:00pm.

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