Legacy of Leonardo @ Da Vinci Art Alliance

Legacy of Leonardo

Dexiang Qian, Gold Medal award winner.

The Legacy of Leonardo

Da Vinci Art Alliance’s Annual Members Exhibition 2009 is a multi-media exhibition open to all current Da Vinci members, featuring works inspired by the life, art, and science of Leonardo da Vinci.

July 8-29, 2009
Gallery Hours:  Wed 6-8 pm, Sat-Sun noon-5 pm
The awards for the Legacy of Leonardo were as follows:

Da Vinci Gold Medal for Best in Show:  Dexiang Qian, Dinner, Bread, and Tea

Silver Medal, 2nd Prize:  Gerard di Falco, Camera Non-Obscura:  Clarity

Copper Medal, 3rd Prize:  Burnell Yow!, Mona Squared

Honorable Mention:  DoN Brewer, Self-Portrait

Honorable Mention:  Carol Wisker, Urban Machine I

Legacy of Leonardo

Mina Smith-Segal with her watercolor painting, In Gratitude to Leonardo Da Vinci @ The Da Vinci Art Alliance.

Legacy of Leonardo

Rachel Citrino‘s digital prints, Vanishing Point, for The Legacy of Leonardo exhibit.

Legacy of Leonardo

DoN Brewer with his Self Portrait in charcoal and chalk on paper.  Photo by Morris Klein.

Legacy of Leonardo

Michael DiPrinzio, Untitled, mixed media.

Legacy of Leonardo

David Foss, Model for Flight, mixed media and wax and Mickie Rosen, Seeds of Flight, photage.

Legacy of Leonardo

Mona, Mona, Mona – clockwise, Mickie Rosen, My Mona Lisa, photage, Karen McDonnell & Tony Cortosi stencil & spray paint, Ona Kalstein, Mona by Ona, ink, pencil on vellum, Jed Williams, L.D.V. by J.W., acrylic & collage on paper.

The board of directors of the Da Vinci Art Alliance continues to promote exciting opportunities for alliance artists to create original works based on a theme such as Envisioning Othello, Envisioning Romeo and Juliet, Art in Bartram’s Garden, Photo Synthesis and more – upcoming programs include Heroines and Harlots: Women in History, an open juried awards exhibition at Da Vinci Art Alliance of art depicting the female personage in history, literature, and religion 9-27 September 2009, Opening Awards Reception: Saturday, September 12, 6-9 pm and “Little Show of Horrors: Carnivorous Plants and the Inspiration of Darwin” a multi-media exhibition open to all current Da Vinci members featuring artworks inspired by carnivorous plants and their explication by Charles Darwin, 14-23 August 2009.

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