Claire Alta Elliott – New Works @ The Beauty Shop Cafe

Claire Alta Elliot

Claire Alta Elliott‘s one person show at the Beauty Shop Cafe is like a trip to the woods with drippy, trippy oils painted thick and loose into verdant landscapes which pop beautifully off the new citrus colored walls of the popular coffee shop.  The big windows really sell the art as you stroll by or drive down Fitzwater Street; The Beauty Shop just celebrated their 2nd anniversary, offering a great opportunity for many local artists to have an art show of their own.

Claire Alta Elliot

Claire Alta Elliott is a blogger, too – the painter likes spreading her imagery over the Internet, tracking her progress in a disciplined yet cheery manner.  Recently, DoN was discussing how American it is to be a multimedia artist with Dexiang Qian, former director of The Fine Arts Academy of Guangzhou – he was surprised at how many artists work in a wide spectrum of media from drawing and painting to photography and web design.  Qian explained, via his translator, that in China and many other countries that art is a discipline dedicated to a particular media like painting.  Claire Alta Elliott epitomizes the fresh, new, young generation of American artist, armed with a plan, a path, the savvy, attitude and talent to be recognized as a fine artist and taste-maker.  Surprisingly, this is Elliott’s first show considering the sophistication and depth of the art; thanks to The Beauty Shop Cafe for continuing to promote exciting new talent.

One thought on “Claire Alta Elliott – New Works @ The Beauty Shop Cafe

  1. Yvette Donado

    Wow, this is just gorgeous. the colors are so soothing, great for the mind and soul — what a gift!
    Best wishes for continued success!!!

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