PSoP @ Bonte’s 9th & Walnut – Inaugural Installation

Photographic Society of Philadelphia @ Bonte’s

The Photographic Society of Philadelphia installed their inaugural show of small scale photographs at 922 Walnut Street.  The board of directors arranged for the picture hangers to be laid out in advance and then with specific framing & wiring instructions, like a flash mob, a gang of photographers swarmed the contemporary space, jovially jostling each other for prime real estate on the warm toned walls.  The range of subject and style considering the parameters of inclusion is mind expanding and hanging out with fellow photography enthusiasts is artistically satisfying.

Photographic Society of Philadelphia @ Bonte’s

Eileen Eckstein (left) and Morris Klein are primarily responsible for developing the multiple venues Bonte Waffle Restaurants has offered to PSoP, the cafe at Walnut & Juniper even advertises the show on their sidewalk sandwich board claiming it draws customers.  While Shoshka & DoN installed his latest photograph, light being (Max Ernst), they both were struck by people actually looking attentively at the art – it’s fun being a fly on the wall.  The cafe at 17th & Walnut will promote one person shows soon, the Walnut & Juniper location features 16×20″ works.

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