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Jerry Adam Puryear, Indigo Blue Design Concepts2, Jerry Adam Puryear, Celebrating Two Years with Indigo Blue Design Concepts. Sunday October 18th, 7:00 – 10:00, 3911 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19104. Free.

Indigo Blue Design Concepts (IBDC)  is a diverse, Philadelphia based, company specializing in design, brand management, business and product development, and event planning. Working with a team of leading industry innovators, IBDC works to build consumer and client awareness through creativity, logic, visual impact, and strategic positioning. IBDC is also recognized as a community advocate — partnering with several non-profit and charitable organizations.” – Indigo Blue Design Concepts

“Although, my creations are ultimately my strongest vehicle of change, I find it undoubtedly necessary to have a hand in helping to change the world by impacting young people’s lives.For the past few years I have assisted in instructing art class for the Mill Creek Community Partnership in addition to mentoring young men who have found their creative niche in the world but are still combating life growing up in the urban Philadelphia.” – Jerry Adam Puryear

Jerry Adam Puryear, Contemporary Artist, Eli Lu on YouTube

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