The Plastic Club New Members 2013

Terrance Smith, The Plastic Club New Members 2013

Terrance Smith, Some Are Dead, charcoal, The Plastic Club New Members 2013

The New Members 2013 ExhibitThe Plastic Club introduces thirty-eight new members – Norman Tomases, Rik Viola, Elizabeth Hughes, Roderick Schichtel, Ellen LoCiceroJohn Attanasio, Lori Balistocky, Gail Morrison – Hall, Sung Ham, Mark Ciocca, Victoria Nevins, Joan McGraneAlice K. Chung, Jordan Artim, Meri Collier, Janice Ward, Cayla Belser, Kelly McCaughern, Alexis Turner, David Katz, Tilda Mann, Rose Maria Kalogerakis, Aimee GoldsmithTerrence Smith, Robert Kallish Robert Allen, Judy Engle, Ruth Formica, Neil C. Johnson, Veronica Kelly, Carol Magakis, Rosa Kim Paik, Frank P. Rausch III, Constance Rea, Ruth E. Rineer, Ed Snyder, Sanny Williams and Sheila Fox.

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Written and Photographed by DoN Brewer.

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