Upcycling Trash to Treasure, Philadelphia Dumpster Divers

Susan Malony, Success, Upcycling Trash to Treasure, Philadelphia Dumpster Divers

Susan Moloney, Success, Upcycling Trash to TreasurePhiladelphia Dumpster Divers

Susan Moloney‘s artwork exemplifies the Joseph Cornell line of thinking that the Dumpster Divers represents. In Success the composition is formal presenting a puppet show. But each element is signified with random information, the storytelling and narrative sweetly refined with a pure eye for color, each bit of fabric, text and objet trouve´ has a story all it’s own. Susan Moloney creates her own poetic theater creating parallels and reverence for other art forms.

Linda Lou Horn, Dart of My Heart, Philadelphia Dumpster Divers

Linda Lou Horn, Dart of My HeartPhiladelphia Dumpster Divers

January 5 – February 10, 2013
Upcycling Trash to Treasure
Main Line Unitarian Church, Fireside Gallery
816 S. Valley Forge Road, Devon, PA

Over 20 Dumpster Divers are exhibiting in this delightful and inspiring exhibit.

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Written and Photographed by DoN Brewer.

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