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Miniatures @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

More than 150 small artworks in many different media are arrayed around the historic gallery space of the Philadelphia Sketch Club on the Avenue of the Artists, Camac Street.  Miniatures represents the work of more than 60 area artists from Betsy Alexander of Ravenswing Studio, Dumpster Diver extraordinaire Alden Cole and Da Vinci Art Alliance board member Lilliana Didovic to esteemed club members such as Karen McDonnell & Tony Cortosi, Dr. Doris Peltzman and first prize winner Michael Kuncevich, one of the club’s elders.  Second prize was awarded to Susan J. Donmoyer  for an extraordinary drawing.  Even though DoN was a co-chair of the show, he has to say – the show is extraordinary with really exciting work by great Philly artists.  Thanks to everyone who helped pull it off – if you’ve ever organized a show, you know what a time suck it is.  A special thank you to Laura Guzzo, 3nd prize winner, for acting as docent & sales associate.

Miniatures - Laura Guzzo

Laura Guzzo @ Miniatures in PSC Gallery.

Miniatures - Stephan Iwanczuk

Stephan Iwanczuk, silver print.  Steve is chair of Miniatures.

Miniatures @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Clockwise – Lilliana Didovic, Deborah Horsting, Parimalasri Vairapandi & Vincent Docktor.  Vince is part of the the three-person show in the PSC Stewart Room.

Miniatures - Betsy Alexander

Betsy Alexander‘s Alaska paintings capture the expansiveness of the great wilderness in tiny squares.  Bold color choice, graphic decisions and simplicity transport the viewer to a foreign landscape at once welcoming and strange.  Betsy is also an original Dumpster Diver and was recently featured on the Today show with her famous piano playing cat, Nora.

Miniatures - Monique Lazard

Monique Lazard, oil @ PSC Miniatures.

Miniatures - Dr. Doris Peltzman

Dr. Doris Peltzman, Giovanni’s Table, oil.  Doris has had several one-person show’s in Wilmington’s prestigious Carspecken Scott Gallery, has sold out shows at Artist House, consistently wins top awards and today is gallery sitting at the club – stop in and visit her and Reta Sweeney.

Miniatures - Alden Cole

Alden Cole, Dancing with the Stars, drawing @ PSC Miniatures.


Clockwise – Linda Hibbs, Elizabeth Breakell, Elizabeth MacDonald, Marlene Craig, Dorothy Roschen & Lucy Roehm.

DoN entered a digital picture frame with 20 views of Paris roof tops – the prospectus said any medium!