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Some of you have doubtless seen the publicity up at Dirty Frank’s/OFF THE WALL GALLERY touting COUPLING as the theme of our upcoming NINTH ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION, which closes to entries in just 35 days (OCTOBER 31) and runs from November 24 to December 27.

As is always the case when we cast a somewhat wider net with our juried themes, we are seeking entries IN ALL MEDIA and leaving quite a lot in the EYE OF THE SUBMITTER.

In this case, we are looking for artwork that captures YOUR TAKE ON TWO — TOGETHER.  From the obvious to things we’ve never thought of, we want to see how your art delves into (to stay alliterative) the power only pairs can possess.  Examples may include:

  •  How human beings come together collaboratively & harmoniously.
  •  How nature is filled with dualities & dyads.
  •  Why two mechanical structures working in tandem produce greater output.
  •  Why some pairings dovetail naturally: bow & arrowthunder & lightning.
  • …especially when it comes to food and drink: salt & peppergin & tonic.
  •  Why other pairings are inseparable though opposite: yin & yangbass & treble.
  •  Why culture intertwines others still: death & taxesAstaire & Rogers.
  •  How civil rights can play a part, such as with the recent DOMA ruling.

Again, we’re capping the size limit for FRAMED 2D work at 48 INCHES in combined dimensions (height + width).  As always we also add on the need that 2D weigh 15 pounds or less because of the age of our beloved Wall.  It’s getting up there, so we need to be careful about what we put up there.

And remember that even if you’ve entered one of our summer juried shows, there are two special stipulations to our year-ending juried exhibitions:

* FEES/PRIZES: There is an entry fee of $5 per work because those resources fund CASH PRIZES of up to $500, the largest going to the winner of the coveted MARY-ROWE MEMORIAL JURY PRIZE, the show’s top accolade.

* ENTRIES ON DISC: While our juries always deliberate based on digital images, jpegs for this show must be submitted ON DISC ONLY, together with your entry fee.  These can be dropped off or mailed.

With this e-mail, we’re delivering the all-important ENTRY FORM IN TWO WAYS:
* ATTACHED here as a PDF, and, (request an e-mail from Togo)
* ONLINE at…

Please USE AND SHARE this form however you wish: print it down or fill out the PDF; feel free to post the form on Facebook and other social media platforms, share it on your own blogs, and forward it to directly to other artists who might interested.

And do read through the IMPORTANT INFORMATION the application contains.  There’s plenty of information and stipulations to guide your entries, from how we want you to size and present your image files — so critical because high-quality, properly sized jpegs, together with your explanatory statement of how your work connects to the theme, is the primary gauge the jury will use to select all of the art for WHAT’S YOUR INSPIRATION — to when to expect to deliver WIRED, READY TO HANG work IF one or more of your pieces is accepted.  We surely hope that’s the case!

As always, we WELCOME YOUR QUESTIONS, and the jury, Jody and I look forward to your entries!

All the best,
Togo Travalia, Manager THE WALL GALLERY
at Dirty Frank’s
NE Corner, 13th & Pine
Philadelphia, PA  19107
(215) 732-5010 (bar)
(484) 357-6440 (cell)
Philly’s pioneering alternative art space, since 1978.

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