Dark Tourism, Ed SnyderHead Blood Red, Ed Snyder

Dark Tourism, Ed Snyder, The Cemetery Traveler, Church St. Art and Craft

Church St. Art and Craft, 2 Church St. Mt. Holly, NJ in the Historic Mill Race Village of Shops 609-261-8634

Ed SnyderThe Cemetery Traveler: October 5th – 30th, 2016

Artist Reception: October 15th, 2:30 – 4:30pm

What you will see: Ed Snyder’s passion for “dark tourism” began in the 1990s. Visiting and exploring locations most people avoid has become his passion, and one of the subjects for which he is best known. Whether it involves climbing a fence into a locked cemetery or exploring and researching abandoned ones, he documents his (sometimes shocking) experiences on his blog, “The Cemetery Traveler.”

Dark Tourism, Ed SnyderThe EmbraceEd Snyder

Dark Tourism, Ed SnyderEven the Angels CriedEd Snyder (click for large image)

The attraction to death for most people is a primal force. We avoid it for the most part, but when confronted with images that suggest our own mortality, we find that we cannot look away. While his photography can be experienced in a seemingly voyeuristic manner, there is no doubt that many of these images will haunt your dreams.

Dark Tourism, Ed SnyderA Light SnowEd Snyder

Dark Tourism, Ed SnyderVoodoo DollEd Snyder

Ed Snyder began this blog in order to share his decade-long experience with all things cemeterial. As a photographer specializing in images of cemetery statuary, I’ve run into some interesting people, had some unexplainable experiences, and had a lot of fun.” – The Cemetery Traveler

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” – Pablo Picasso

“Church St. Art & Craft is an eclectic art space. We are a cooperative art gallery in the historic Mill Race Village in Mt. Holly, NJ. We are a custom frame shop, a place to gather and create art and a shop to purchase charming hand made gifts. In short, a wonderfully creative place to visit!” – Church St. Art and Craft

Dark Tourism, Ed Snyder
The End of TimeEd Snyder


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