Feast Your Eyes

Alexandra Orgera, Feast Your Eyes, Off the Wall Gallery

Alexandra Orgera, Sardines, digital photography, $75.00, multiple framed prints available, Feast Your Eyes, Off the Wall Gallery

Feast Your Eyes at Off the Wall Gallery is a visual smorgasbord, a mind melt sandwich, a banquet of tarts, sweets and delights, some are tasty and some are nasty. The 8th Annual Community Arts Show theme was suggested by surrealist/photographer William Myers which was the recipe for a choice menu of art. The show is free to enter but the competition for space is tough. The Off the Wall Gallery team gathers a jury of art experts to curate the show, treats them to an evening of wine and hors d’oeuvres and enough art submissions to feed the head until it explodes. Read about DoN‘s experience as a past juror here.

Off the Wall Gallery is located in Dirty Frank’s Bar at 13th and Pine Streets and is a hang-out for artists of every kind: college kids from the surrounding art schools, art club denizens from Philly’s allies, world famous painters and absolute beginners side by side at the bar. The collection of mixed media art ranges from paintings, photos and prints to video, sculpture and a QR code with an appealing appetite for the beautiful, strange and unique.

Alexandra OrgeraSardines, digital photography, $75.00, is delectable, printed on panel with a simple raised box frame the piece has the delicious power to switch identities in the mind’s eye. What looks like a classic still life painting is actually a photograph made of the ingredients of fine art. Even more tasty is how affordable the collection of photographs are and you can ask for special orders.

feast your eyes, Off the Wall Gallery

Feast Your EyesOff the Wall Gallery

Look at all the names on this list! Writing about group shows for DoNArTNeWs sometimes leaves a sour taste in DoN‘s craw because not every artist can be put on the menu. So, for a virtual degustation of this ambrosial display, DoN recommends you visit the maitre’d of the fine establishment to digest Togo Travalia‘s tasting recommendations of the gratifying show at the Off the Wall Gallery facebook page.

Even more savory is sipping Jack neat at the bar, absorbing a tantalizing arrangement of tempting creations and listening to David Bowie on the jukebox while cute couples play darts, artists sketch and photographers take pictures. It’s scrumptious.

Written by DoN Brewer. Photographs courtesy of Off the Wall Gallery.

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