Flora + Fauna, Wendy Wolf at 161 West Gallery

Wendy Wolf, 161 West Gallery

Wendy Wolf161 West GalleryFlora + Fauna, 161 West Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Philadelphia

“Because it’s all collaborative, they sort of all come back and help out after they do their show. Which is cool. Wendy was really excited to do wheat paste before her show. And she said she’ll come back and do more because she loved it.”

There is a large elaborate white wheat pasted paper design, fluid, almost floral, pasted to the front of the gallery. Jessica Murphy, 161 West Gallery owner, took DoN on a tour of the developing arts center, there’s a large interior courtyard perfect for parties, picnics, music and art installations. The walls are already becoming mural-ized with plans for more color to come this Spring. 161 West Gallery has been located at 161 West Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Philadelphia, since July, 2012.

“The building took a lot to get ready, to clean and paint. That took about two months. The current show will be up the whole month of March. There’s a show the 16th and then do special appointments.” – Jessica Murphy

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