Scott Noel, Peter Van Dyck, and Elise Schweitzer: The Life of a Painting. Video by John Thornton

“Philadelphia’s Gross McCleaf Gallery hosted two exhibitions of art made from direct observation. Scott Noel’s solo show called “Painted Confabulations”. The other show, “Mise en Scene: Pageant and Place”, featured Peter Van Dyck and Elise Schweitzer, and was curated by Scott Noel.

Scott Noel is not only an excellent artist, he is an intellectual and one of the leaders of a movement advocating for the return of representational painting based not on photography but grappling with the reality right in front of an artist. February of 2014, Scott organized a large exhibition of like minded painters at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts called ‘From Edwin Dickinson to the Perceptual Painters, Observation and Invention: The Space of Desire‘. As a curator, Noel was arguing that direct observation can yield painterly results that can be obtained in no other way. I see the two current shows at Gross McCleaf Gallery as a furtherance of this argument.” – John Thornton

Scott Noel began teaching and exhibiting in Philadelphia in 1980, after completing undergraduate study at Washington University in Saint Louis. Since that time he has mounted over thirty solo exhibitions at galleries, universities and museums as well as many group shows. Solo shows have appeared at the State Museum in Harrisburg, the University of Virginia, the Bowery Gallery, the Painting Center and fifteen exhibitions at the More Gallery, Mangel Art Gallery and Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia.” – PAFA Faculty web page

Gross McCleaf Gallery represents local and national artists with a focus on Contemporary Art. The gallery has been active in the Philadelphia arts community for over forty years, advising collectors and placing artists’ work in museums throughout the greater Philadelphia region. Gross McCleaf features monthly rotating exhibitions in two main galleries, special events, artist talks, and an extensive inventory. Our mission is to promote mid-career artists, while seeking to build the careers of emerging talents.” – About Gross McCleaf Gallery

Thank you to John Thornton for permission to post “Scott Noel, Peter Van Dyck, and Elise Schweitzer: The Life of a Painting” video

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