light being (Kurt)

light being (Kurt), Absolutely Abstract 2013, Philadelphia Sketch Clublight being (Kurt), digital photograph, archival inkjet print on glossy paper, 11 x 14″, 16 x 20″ framed, $300.00, DoN Brewer, Absolutely Abstract 2013, Philadelphia Sketch Club

When the sole juror for Absolutely Abstract 2013 at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, appreciates your work enough to select it to be in an art show the sense of accomplishment is extraordinarily gratifying. The digital photograph of an acid green wall combines several contemporary styles like color field, minimalism, performance, street art and computer art and even though it is a representative image the bold color takes over the narrative. The light becomes the environmental paint, the reflections on the surface interact softly with the hard grid of the cinder block. To know that someone else gets it, another artist, understands the underlying concept, and recognizes the inspiration reinforces my determination to continue the exploration of the abstract landscape theme.

How can a photograph be abstract? Because photography doesn’t really represent reality, it is a simulacra of a moment in time and therefore can be whatever the artist wants. An inkjet print is so different from darkroom photography, it’s more like painting with dots of ink than the chemical reactions of film development in the lab.

Thank you Philadelphia Sketch Club for the opportunity to be part of this exciting exhibit of contemporary abstract art by regional and international artists.

An Artists’ Reception will be held on Sunday, August 11, from 2 to 4 PM.  Gallery hours are Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5 PM.  Admission is free.

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