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Red Bull Art of the Can

The Red Bull Art of Can Comes to Dilworth Plaza, Philadelphia


Calling Artists of All Formats to Create for the 2015 Red Bull Art of Can  

PHILADELPHIA, PA. – What can a creative mind design and create, all starting with a can of Red Bull for inspiration?  Coming this fall, the landscape of Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park will be transformed into an interactive, digital and physical art gallery as the nationwide creative competition, Red Bull Art of Can, comes to the city known for it’s famed public art. Artists of varying formats and aspiring creatives from across the country are challenged to make a work of art inspired by a can of Red Bull.

Now through June 15th, submitted art can come in the form of all art disciplines including physical, and digital mediums. A selection will then be made by a panel of judges from the art community to be displayed at a special showcase at Dilworth Park in Center City Philadelphia.

Participants can submit to three categories in the 2015 competition:

  • “Physical Art”: A physical piece of art that uses the actual Red Bull Can as the primary material in the final work.
  • “Digital Displayed Art”:A work of art that can be displayed on a screen and includes a digital version of the Red Bull Can in the final piece.  We are not designating a specific format or genre.  Submissions could take the form of an animation, a digital short film, stop motion, or GIF. Essentially any displayed digital medium is fair game.
  • “Interactive Installation Art”:A piece of artwork that merges both the physical and digital world and uses the Red Bull Can as its primary source of inspiration.

Red Bull Art of the Can

The Red Bull Art of Can exhibition will run from October 1 through October 8, with a special public opening event the weekend of Oct 2 -3 at Dilworth Park.

For more information and to register your art, please visit

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