Anthony C and Karen M at Jed Williams StudioAnthony C and Karen M at Jed Williams Gallery , Cola

Jed Williams Gallery is proud and excited to present its first exhibit of the ground breaking work of Philadelphia’s own street-art collaborative duo Anthony C and Karen M. The exhibition’s title, ‘RENEWAL STREET‘, alludes to the coming of Spring and the importance of street art in Philadelphia’s current artistic zeitgeist; as well this it points to Jed Williams Gallery‘s own renewal through a new gallery-space look and expanded gallery hours, and is a playfully ironic reference to the concept of urban renewal.

Anthony C and Karen M are a collaborative duo that specializes in stencil art that is hand-drawn and hand-cut with without digital or electronic assistance. The stencils are used to create artwork on different surfaces such as cardboard, found wood, and other types of seemingly unglamorous supports. These also include sculptures and various types of constructions, a selection of which will be featured in the ‘RENEWAL STREET‘ exhibit.

Anthony C and Karen M at Jed Williams StudioAnthony C and Karen M at Jed Williams Gallery , Chinese Truck

The mission of Anthony C and Karen M is to elevate Street Art to a higher level, to educate the populace and be the voice of those who have none in our political world. According to the artists:

“Leaving our gallery forced us to try different means of getting our political messages out to the public. We also give away art by hanging in public places and encouraging people to ‘steal’ it. Our current project is transforming a North Philadelphia warehouse into a complete art installation using cardboard paintings and sculptures…We are collaborating artists working with cast off materials such as cardboard to create a statement about the tension in our nation. We go under the names Wisdom, Live Nation, 11 and Anthony C and Karen M.”

Anthony C and Karen M were educated, respectively, at the University of the Arts and the Art Institute of Philadelphia. They have exhibited widely, including at the Rodger Lapelle Galleries, the 3rd St. Gallery, Graffiti of War Tour, Pterodactyl Artist Space and the streets of Philadelphia and NYC. They were awarded “Best in show-Works on Paper Exhibition” at the Philadelphia Sketch Club in 2008. And they have been featured in many publications and blogs including International Contemporary Masters vol. VII, Important American Artists Vol. 1, Art Matters (“Urbana – Dynamic Duo Goes With The Streetwise Flow” by R.B. Strauss) and the blogs Streets Dept, Side Arts and DoNArTNeWs.

Anthony C and Karen M at Jed Williams StudioAnthony C and Karen M at Jed Williams Gallery , Chinese Truck Graffed Up

Press release by Jed Williams Gallery, images provided by Anthony C and Karen M

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