Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh Israel

Sung on Canvas, Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh Israel

Join us for a weekend exploring the artwork of Ms. Oranit Solomonov. Ms. Solomonov’s paintings will be on display at Mikveh Israel Synagogue September 17th and 18th.

Congregation Mikveh Israel, known as the “Synagogue of the American Revolution,” is the oldest formal congregation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the oldest continuous synagogue in the United States. – Mikveh Israel Synagogue

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh Israel

Ms. Oranit Solomonov is a self-taught artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Ms. Solomonov’s work is colorful and vibrant expressing a variety of her interests including animals and air planes as well as expressing her strong Jewish identity. Ms. Solomonov is an uncertified co-pilot and loves to fly.

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh IsraelOranit SolomonovRabbit, linoleum cut print, $200.00

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh IsraelOranit SolomonovPolar Bearlinoleum cut print, $200.00 (click for large image)

Ms. Solomonov’s work has been featured regionally as she is an active exhibitor, nationally at the Outsider Art Fairs in St. Louis Missouri (2012) and New York City (2013) and held in a private collection internationally (Argentina, 2013). Oranit Solomonov receives employment support from IDEATE, a division of Resources for Human Development. Her newest adventure is that of a business woman. The Solomonovs would like to invite you to attend this event in support of Oranit’s newest venture.

What is Outsider Art?

Although the roots of Outsider Art can be traced back thousands of years, it is most useful to look back to its most recent precursor, art brut (Raw Art) to hear the most vital articulations of its true spirit. In his 1947 manifesto, French artist and curator Jean Dubuffet coined the term art brut as follows: “We understand by this term works produced by persons unscathed by artistic culture, where mimicry plays little or no part (contrary to the activities of intellectuals). These artists derive everything…from their own depths, and not from the conventions of classical or fashionable art.” – Outsider Art Fair

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh IsraelOranit SolomonovPeacock, dry point, $550.

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh IsraelOranit Solomonov

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh IsraelOranit SolomonovChimpanzee, drypoint print with colored pencil, $450.

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh IsraelOranit SolomonovSad Tiger, mixed media, $350.00

 Oranit Solomonov‘s collection of work will be featured alongside a concert celebrating Sephardic heritage. All inquiries about the event can be directed to Mikveh Israel Synagogue at (215) 922-5446 or Mikveh Israel is located at 44 4th North Street in Center City, Philadelphia.

Oranit Solomonov‘s work will be on sale during the Sunday viewing as well as a raffle for a work of fine art.

Oranit Solomonov at Mikveh IsraelMs. Oranit Solomonov

Thank you to Kaelynne Koval, IDEATE, for the content of this post.

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