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Bob Jackson Gallery

Harriet D. Kilne, Bob Jackson Gallery, The Plastic Club

Harriet D. Kline, Leann’s Bottle Tree, watercolor on yupo. $200.00. Bob Jackson Gallery, The Plastic Club

The line-up of artist’s is chosen by lottery from the art club’s membership. April’s show includes Elisabeth Hughes, Harriet D. Kline, Carter Leidy, Richard C. Meyer and Catherine (Kit) Mitchell.

Harriet D. Kline‘s watercolor shines with color, the yupo paper resisting the pigment enough so as the water evaporates the residue leaves the illusion of liquidity. Leann’s Bottle Tree is one of six paintings in the group show. And as a backdrop to the club’s recent Rabbit party proved an apropos art backdrop to the music.

Catharine (Kit) Mitchell, The Plastic Club

Catherine (Kit) MitchellThe Plastic Club

“Painting, sculpture, music, dance – each is its own language, with its own non-verbal media, symbols and structures for expression of ideas and evocation of feeling. As such I am reluctant to comment further on my visual work or translate it into the world of words, but I do hope that it will pique fresh vision, interest, and pleasure.” – Catherine (Kit) Mitchell artist statement

Catharine (Kit) Mitchell, The Plastic Club

Catherine (Kit) Mitchell, Wire Face, wire, found objects, The Plastic Club Bob Jackson Gallery

Carter Leidy, Catherine (Kit) Mitchell, The Plastic Club

Carter Leidy,Tidal Flow, Tremont, Maine, oil, $305.00, Catherine (Kit) Mitchell, Red Hot Donut, mixed Media, $350.00, The Plastic Club, Bob Jackson Gallery

The intimate space on the lower/garden level of the club is a wonderfully reclaimed space that houses a print shop and a great kitchen from which the gallery’s namesake create delectable treats for special occasions like openings. The current Bob Jackson Gallery show is concurrent with the excellent Sketchbooks, Preliminary Drawings and Other Ephemera, through April 25th. Carter Leidy even includes some sketches hung with his finished gallery-ready paintings creating a great interactive vibe between the main exhibit and the small group show.

The Plastic Club 247 South Camac Street, Philadelphia

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted.

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