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Moments, Eli Smith, 3rd Street GalleryEli Smith, TS sit StiLL, 3rd Street Gallery

Moments, Eli Smith at 3rd Street Gallery

“I want to capture the periods when we break down and lose control; when we become what we fear and even what we hate. In these moments when we become completely vulnerable, we close in on ourselves and wish those outside do not see. My intention is to evoke empathy with what I believe is a common struggle.” – Eli Smith

Eli Smith, Moments, 3rd Street GalleryEli Smith88, 3rd Street Gallery

3rd Street Gallery, 45 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 625-0993 – Wednesday, March 30 – May 1, 2016, First Friday, April 1, 5-9pm, Artist Reception, Sunday, April 3, 1-4pm

Moments. Eli Smith, 3rd Street GalleryEli Smith, And Again,3rd Street Gallery

“I am a Philadelphia based artist, mostly working in oil paint, as well as gouache and charcoal. Much of my art is monolithic and epic in form and style, adhering to bold imagery. I want the viewer to be unable to ignore my work, I want it to grab them and not let them go until they have noticed it, even if they cannot fully appreciate it. My desire as a painter stems from my inadequacy as a social colleague.” – Eli Smith artist statement excerpt


Eli Smith, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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About 3rd Street Gallery

Since its inception in 1978, 3rd Street Gallery has been an artist-run cooperative in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood. The gallery brings together past and new generations of independent artists, who actively create new work for the gallery’s exhibitions. Splitting their time between their studios and the gallery, our member artists volunteer their efforts on the day-to-day business and logistical operations of the gallery that enables our cooperative to adapt to the ever-changing world of art.

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