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Noah Addis, Cairo, 110 Church Gallery

Noah Addis, Future Cities: Cairo, 110 Church Gallery

In a week that has been filled with imagery from Cairo, Noah Addis‘ installation of large format prints at 110 Church Gallery in Old City is even more relevant and emotive. Today in Philadelphia the weather is extraordinarily hot outside, but, Cairo, Egypt is a meme for hot places on Earth. The photograph above is a large scale print and was shot with a four by five camera capturing an information rich image of the architectural landscape of the Egyptian city.

The solemn windowless structure, a grid of cement and brick, is housing for people. They don’t live without windows, however, they punch out some of the bricks to create openings transforming the blank wall offering a glimpse into the life of the people who live there.

Noah Addis, Cairo, 110 Church Gallery

Noah AddisFuture Cities: Cairo110 Church Gallery

Noah Addis sets up his four by five camera and waits for that magic light moment to capture on the large negatives, he’ll wait for hours to catch the image that creates the narrative the best. There aren’t many people in the photographs but the signs of life are everywhere. Seeing how other cultures live and comparing it to life here is so compelling and informative. The photographs are beautiful and impeccably printed but the signification of the shapes and their relevance to global culture is unforgettable.

Noah Addis, Cairo, 110 Church Gallery

Noah AddisFuture Cities: Cairo110 Church Gallery

The landscape above with the soccer field and community park has to be seen to believed. The town with cliff side villas is a community where trash is recycled. The debris pours down the mountainside like a mudslide of human consumption and consumerism. The soccer field walls hold back mounds of trash that cannot somehow be recycled, up-cycled, reused or restored by the inhabitants.

Future Cities

“According to United Nations estimates there are more than a billion squatters living today–one out of every six people on earth. This number is expected to double to two billion by 2030. And by the middle of the century there will be three billion squatters.” – Noah Addis artist statement

110 Church Gallery, through July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 27 @ 1:30 pm

Noon – 4 pm

In an ongoing partnership with The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) we are pleased to present Future Cities, Cairo, an Alumni Solo Exhibition featuring work by Noah Addis curated by Stella Gassaway. The exhibition is on view through July 27, 2013 at 110 CHURCH gallery located at 110 Church Street in Old City Philadelphia.

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