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Alex Stadler, stadler-Khan, scarves

Alex Stadler, stadler-Khan, scarves

DoN spotted stadler-Khan designs at the InLiquid V.13 exhibit in the Crane Arts Center. There was a moment when a beautiful lady wearing a jacket made in the diamond pattern, but in a different color way, were in the same space at the same time as a display of patterned, woven scarves. It was magical, Kiki Gafney Philadelphia painter, created a mini performance piece just walking by the table. The bold pattern draws attention, Alex Stadler designs the pattern and color combinations to be bold, exciting and strong.

Alex Stadler, stadler-Khan, scarves

Alex Stadler, stadler-Khan, scarves

“I opened here on June 1st, we’ll have our one year anniversary. I started the scarf company in the Fall of 2011. The store really started in a way to show my textiles. But, man can not live by textiles alone, so, I just started making the store that I always wanted it to be.” – Alex Stadler

Alex Stadler, stadler-Khan, furnishings

Alex Stadler, stadler-Khan, furnishings

“So, it’s a mix. The ceramics are from the middle of the last century, I have a special table now for Waylande Gregory, we have him as well. He lived from 1905 to 1971. I work with his estate so I have a lot of pieces by him. He had pieces in the 1939 Worlds Fair and got lots of commissions, this work is work he did for high end department stores. As a money-maker.

I’ve always done well with textile design, that’s one I did for Donghia. In 2010 I really focussed on my children’s books and writing them and then I just missed pattern, so it was time.” – Alex Stadler

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