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Ken Tutjamnong, Painting the City, Video by John Thornton Films

“The artist Ken Tutjamnong has a unique painting style which meshes seemlessly with his subject matter. His cityscapes currently on display at The Rosenfeld Gallery brilliantly capture the feeling and texture of urban life.

Ken Tutjamnong, originally from Thailand, creates highly evocative images of urban neighborhoods of New York City and Philadelphia. He paints on aluminum and his rough technique joined with close observation make him a true painter’s painter. Ken is the owner of a wonderful Thai restaurant in Philadelphia, Smile Cafe, but he would rather be painting. And he is great at it!” – John Thornton

Ken Tutjamnong, The Rosenfeld GalleryKen Tutjamnong at The Rosenfeld Gallery, photograph by Lilliana S. Didovic

“I met Ken at an art exhibit at the Headhouse Square, Philadelphia. From the very beginning I noticed how great an artist he is, I loved his cityscapes. They were very different. Ken’s artistic style can best be described as neoimpressionist, with its moveable knife-work, and soft dispersed striking. His work has a mixture of Eastern and Western civilizations resulting in paintings that are at once delicate and direct, melting and friendly.

Ken and I became very close friends. We loved each other’s art. His art gallery Smile opened with my own solo art exhibit. Very soon after Ken and I had together a very perceptive exhibit, ‘City, Shapes and Colors‘ at Da Vinci Art Alliance, February 2008. I always enjoyed exhibiting my art together with Ken’s.

Also, I visit every place where Ken exhibits his amazing paintings. Every new exhibit makes me love Ken’s paintings more and more. If you ask me to describe him in only a couple of words, I would say, ‘Unique Person & Unique Artist. That is my friend Ken.'” – Lilliana S. DidovicM.Psyc. ATA, Inc.LC/BSC/MT Independent Fine Art Profess./Painter GENEVA Worldwide, foreign language interpreter

Located at 113 Arch Street in Philadelphia, The Rosenfeld Gallery was the first to open in Old City and has served the area for 35 years. The gallery is proud of its inclusive aesthetic representing diverse approaches, styles and media.

Ken TutjamnongKen Tutjamnong at The Rosenfeld Gallery, photograph by Lilliana S. Didovic

Thank you to John Thornton Films and Lilliana S. Didovic for providing content for this blog post.

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