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Nile Livingston, Submerging, Urban Art Gallery

Submerging, Nile Livingston at Urban Art Gallery, 7/5/15

“I remember going to the beach with my family when I was little. My father was holding my baby sister as he walked through the ocean toward the horizon. I asked my uncle to pick me up and take me out to them. The water reached my uncle’s waist by the time my father turned around and noticed our approach. He yelled to his brother to take me back to the shore. I began to fuss in protest when my uncle dropped me. Under the salt water my eyes were wide open, fixated as I sank toward the deep pit beneath me. I felt calm as I slowly, peacefully drifted downward. I passed a starfish resting on a rock, perfectly lit by the sun’s rays under water. Still sinking, I reached out to touch it. My fingertips were less than a hair away from the creature when my body was ripped out of the water and I gasped for air as I’m back in my uncle’s arms. Back on the shore I spent the rest of the day playing in the sand.

There is so much to discover in this world. Consequently, my passions are extremely charged and my art is the by-product of human consciousness. Biographic interpretations of growing up in a home filled with rolls of drafting papers, collections of teapots, and acoustic instruments have inspired me to explore endless aesthetic propositions. I produce artworks in various mediums that include painting, drawing and sculpture. Themes present in my art range from genealogical dementia, loss, character encounters, decadence, and poverty. Similar to a public diary entry, each installation reveals pieces of an evolving story of who we are as people.

As I journey beyond the communities I’m most familiar with, into a more global existence I’d like to share my lessons from everyday masters, produce artworks that examine sources of anxiety, document interactions, shared memories, and provide evidence for narrative works that address social change, environmental deprivation, and technological advances.” – Nile Livingston

My mission is to promote self expression and fulfillment. There is so much to see and learn about, and for that my passions are extremely charged and my artworks are the by-product of human consciousness. Similar to a public diary entry, each installation reveals pieces of an evolving story of who we are as people. – Nile Livingston artist statement

Founded in an effort to bridge art and the urban community, Urban Art Gallery‘s goal is to create an exciting venue where emerging artists can exhibit and sell their work. Through this, Urban Art Gallery looks to stimulate appreciation and participation in the arts, by showcasing unique and inspirational creations, which include but are not limited to, poetry showcases; live performances; youth workshops; and private events. – About Urban Art Gallery

262 s. 52nd St.
Philadelphia PA 19139

OPENING RECEPTIONSunday, July 5th 2015, 4:00 – 7:00PM

Curator: Kalphonse Morris

Thank you to Nile Livingston for providing the content of this post.

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