The Levoy Theatre, a Vision for Millville

The Levoy Theatre‘s renovation took many years and was finally accomplished in 2012. The story of how the town of Millville New Jersey brought this theater back to prominence after years of neglect involves the heroic efforts of dedicated citizens, theater people, artists, and public officials. It is a story that may inspire other American towns struggling with a poor economy. The Levoy Theatre sends out the message that art can indeed make life better, for individuals as well as communities. – John Thornton

“The story of the Levoy is the story of the people who built it, owned it, worked in it and patronized it. It is a story filled with triumph and defeat, happiness and sadness. It is exactly the story you might expect from an historic icon that’s commanded Millville’s High Street for over a century.

The first Levoy Theatre filled a ten year void left in Millville after the 1898 fire that destroyed the Wilson Opera House (once at High and Sassafras Sts.), Millville’s largest theatre of the 19th century. By 1908 Millville needed a new source of entertainment, and William “Pop” Somers of Atlantic City and Somers Point fame came to Millville seeing the opportunity for his Levoy.” – The Levoy Theatre website

Story on Philadelphia Inquirer

Video by John Thornton

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