Daily Archives: March 1, 2009

Hearts @ High Wire

February is over, finally.  DoN keeps getting unsolicited e-mails from Yahoo personals that he has 0 matches. 0.  Out of the millions of Yahoo’ers absolutely zero are a match made in cyber-heaven.  Valentines Day is stupid but the show at High Wire in Fishtown was intelligently filled with hugs and kisses.  A whole lot of love.  

high wire

 Alden Cole’s “Take Another Piece of My Heart, Now Baby.” paired with the Frank Sinatra homage is sublime.  First of all, Frank Sinatra is dead, so it’s really about worship, not love. The radiant Alden self-portrait with diced hearts is enlightened to the transient nature of love, good-naturedly doled out in bits and pieces.

jim Bloom @ high wire

Jim Bloom @ High Wire.  “Men Seldom Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses.”

isaiah zagar

Isaiah Zagar , “Julia Loves Folk Art“, mixed media @ High Wire Gallery.

Zagar’s installation was enormous, painterly, informed and cerebral like he was hit by a bolt of pink lightning from the sky and love is shattered into shards of broken memories.