Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

Dumpster Divers on South Street

An incredible thing has happened.  The business community of South Street offered empty store fronts to artists rent free if they pay the utilities; DoN first heard of this from David Foss, director of the Da Vinci Art Alliance.  The Dumpster Divers jumped at the chance and have installed an exciting mixed media art show of museum quality – a lot of the work has been exhibited in actual museums and are scheduled to show in upcoming museum shows.  The Grand Opening is March 15th but there’s plenty to absorb now as the huge space at 723 South Street is transformed.

DoN says when the grid goes down the artists will become the tribal leaders: storytellers, image makers, re-purposers, builders, makers, artists, musicians and those able to carry the history forward and preserve culture.

dumpster divers

Dumpster Divers on South Street.

dumpster Divers on South Street

Dumpster Diver outsider, couturier Shoshana Arons with Diver multimedia artist Alden Cole @ 723 South Street.

dumpster divers 

Burnell Yow!‘s “52 Collages in 52 Weeks” @ The Dumpster Divers installation on South Street.

dumpster divers 

Art of the Flower @ PSC

DoN is delighted his inkjet print collage was selected to be included in the Art of the Flower show at The Philadelphia Sketch Club.  The annual show includes many of DoN‘s favorite Philadelphia painters and photographers as selected by juror James P. Repenning; helping install the show was especially fun knowing DoN’s “Ginkgo” is included along side exquisite works by Peltzman, Eckstein, Monaghan, Barnes, Tony Anthony, Roschen, Camera…  The reception and awards is Sunday @ 2:00.  Repenning’s work on the art card is lovely but in real life is an incredible mixed media piece with dimension, depth and high style design, executed with utmost craft – really stunning.