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Ion Zupcu “Works on Paper” and Yuichi Hibi’s “Neco” @ Gallery 339

Ion Zupcu is a conceptual photographer – first he sketches out his ideas, then constructs tiny one inch square sculptures from black paper photographing the simple forms and meticulously producing inventive gelatin silver prints which read like drawings.  Some of his photos are titled after favorite artists such as “Dear Frank” which is dedicated to Frank Stella.ion zupco

Ion Zupcu @ Gallery 339 

Yuichi Hibi’s “Neco” @ Gallery 339

Ion Zupcu‘s “Dear Frank” @ Gallery 339

Yuichi Hibi‘s Neco is a room full of pictures of cats that he photographs in NYC, Paris, Tokyo… Hibi tells DoN, “cats are way more mysterious than dogs” and that his images “don’t portray cats as cute or sweet.  I’m looking for the Hitchcock-ian moment.”   You will just have to visit the beautiful Gallery 339 @ 21st and Pine streets and spend some time absorbing the narrative of the delicate, contrasty black and white images of these wonderfully mysterious beasts. 


 Yuichi Hibi‘s cat photos @ Gallery 339.

Yuichi Hibi

Gallery 339 artists Yuichi Hibi Sarah Stolfa @ the opening night party. 

The 2nd floor of Gallery 339 is an oasis of fine art photography featuring work by Martin McNamara‘s extraordinary artists.  Last month DoN missed Tetesugo Hyakutake’s fantastic wide aspect photographs in the main gallery but fine examples of his work can be found here to study in the quiet privacy of the upper level.


Tetesugo Hyakutake @ Gallery 339.