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Kathryn Pannepacker on the cover of American Craft Magazine

kathryn Pannepacker on the cover of American Craft Magazine


Congratulations Kathryn, from all the Da Vinci Art Alliance members on your upcoming cover story in American Craft magazine!!!

The article below on Kathryn will appear in the April/May issue of American Craft magazine with the cover story called Urban Fabric which details her career in murals, fiber art, social activism, painting, and making Philadelphia a better place to live.  Kathryn, who is currently on the Board of Directors and was past Director of Da Vinci, we are so proud and happy for you Kathryn.  Pick up a copy of American Craft in bookstores in April or go to their website to get a preview, with many photos of Kathryn’s many projects.

Congrats Kathryn, we love you!!!!!  

David Foss, executive director Da Vinci Art Alliance (from his e-mail to the Da Vinci Art Alliance).  

The story on American Crafts online magazine is really cool, too.  DoN LoVeS Kathryn; she’s an artist who actually affects change on our urban fabric, the murals at Broad & Lehigh will aid in the revitalization of the city.

CFEVA presents Treasures @ Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists has installed a show called Treasures at the Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Building @ 1701 Market Street featuring works by Career Development Programs Fellows.  The spacious lobby is displaying works by some of DoN’s favorite CFEVA artists including Scott Pelnat, John Woodin, Ben Volta, Danielle Bursk, Brenna K. Murphy and many more – the works are of a smaller scale and affordably priced.  The art party was well attended and some of the works sold while the wine flowed and patrons nibbled the tasty buffet. DoN spoke with Amy Potsic about how CFEVA installs “Custom Exhibitions” in public spaces where the art and artists can be exposed to the world at large instead of the confines of a gallery.  For more than three years this important organization has placed works in offices, lobbies and corporate spaces where potential collectors can view art in their own environment, often resulting in sales for the artists.

ben volta

Ben Volta‘s “Steam Punk Kosmos 3 ” @ Treasures, 1701 Market Street. 


scott penat

Scott Pelnat‘s plastic sculptures at CFEVA’s Treasures exhibit. 



Danielle Bursk, Gregory Brellochs, & Danielle Bursk, CFEVA Fellows @ 1701 Market Street.