Bedrock, Robert StraightRobert Straight, P-552, 23” x 18” x 3”, acrylic, papier mache’, canvas, wood, foam, plaster


Recent work by Rachel KlinghofferAdam Lovitz, and Robert Straight

June 3 — July 17, 2016. Opening Reception: Friday June 3, 6:00 – 10:00pm

Among three artists a foundation is felt. Embedded in the work of artists Rachel KlinghofferAdam Lovitz, and Robert Straight is a shared a recognition that the human experience with the physical world is a dueled nature—a cosmic harmony as well as a personal confrontation. The varied abstract works by the artists in Bedrock each stand upon their own sort of logic, built out from a reverence for their artistic lineage, personal narratives, cultural conditioning, and affinity to natural phenomenon. A sense of connectivity is achieved through the relation to the delicate place and times in which we live.

Rachel Klinghoffer intermingles objects and process that are personal and ritualistic, shifting a piece’s identity between states of intimate possession to organically grown. The resolution is found in the making of an artifact, through a laborious process that combines and extends painting and sculpture. She holds an MFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from The Art Institute of Chicago. Recent exhibition venues include Ms. Barber’s (Los Angeles), Cuevas Tilleard (New York), Projekt 722 and Trestle Projects (both Brooklyn) and a solo project for the SPRING/BREAK 2015 art fair in New York. She lives and works in Brooklyn NYC.

Adam Lovitz paints to consider both the collective and unique nature between the dust on earth and that of a planet not yet explored. Layering acrylic residues that soak in mucky water with paint chips and minerals, Lovitz reworks a surface through an embodiment of terrestrial relic licked with city ruminations. Adam Lovitz, a Philadelphia-area native, received his MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and his BFA from University of Delaware. Recent exhibition venues include The University of the Arts, Fjord Gallery (both Philadelphia), The Satellite Show Miami, and the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. He lives and works in

Robert Straight’s paintings pair inventiveness with methodologies found in math and science. Prime numbers, geometry, fractals, string theory, and algorithms team up with geological considerations in the form of patterns, webs, nets, knots, and clusters. Often, human touch and technologic exactness inform one another, presenting the opportunity for visual discovery. Robert Straight has been Professor of Art at The University of Delaware since 1980. He has had over 30 solo exhibitions and has been included in countless group exhibitions nationally over the course of the past 40 years. He is represented in Philadelphia by Schmidt Dean Gallery. He lives in Wilmington, DE.

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