Galleria Deptford

Steven Park, Galleria Deptford

Steven Park, Before the Storm, $100.00, photograph, Galleria Deptford

Galleria Deptford is located in the Deptford Municipal Building at 1011 Cooper Street, Deptford, NJ. The on-going art installations are curated by Pauline Jonas, an arts maven who connects artists with opportunities. The current photography exhibition is by members of Artists of Southern New Jersey. The mission of ASNJ is to:

  • Provide opportunities for local artists to display and share their artwork.
  • Membership is open to local artists and persons interested in supporting and participating in the visual arts.
  • Our partnershops with local libraries and other venues provides a home for local artists to exhibit their artwork.
  • ASNJ is a not for profit organization and does not collect fees or commissions.

Galleria Deptford doesn’t collect commissions either allowing artists to show their work in a heavily trafficked venue with all sales going directly through the artist. Several photographs in the current exhibit sold before the show even had the opening reception.

Jan Narducci, Steven Park, Galleria Deptford

Jan Narducci, A Study in White, photograph, $75.00, Steven Park, One Way, photograph, $100.00, Galleria Deptford

Galleria Deptford has a professional hanging system and lighting as well as warm natural light during the day. Since the site is a municipal location there is ample free parking, handicapped access and elevators for viewing work on the upper level.

The ASNJ photography show includes a wide range or works by twenty-two artists including landscapes, still life, portraits, abstracts and experimental works.

David Slack, Galleria Deptford

David Slack, Laces, photograph, Galleria Deptford

Bob Reid, Galleria Deptford

Bob Reid, Nina, photograph, $125.00, Galleria Deptford

“As a lifelong educator and student of photography as art, my goal is to help others look at the ordinary and see the extra ordinary. To this end I have developed a series of courses at Gloucester County College. My goal is to help people tap their creative energy not the technical side of Digital Photography by seeing the world with an artist’s eye. To me Digital Photography is not so much about capturing an image or even creating an image. Digital Photography is a tool to help us recognize the abundance that surrounds us every day. A photograph is a byproduct of the glorious luminosity that is the banquet before us.” – Bob Reid artist statement

Henry Fickenacher, Galleria Deptford

Henry Fickenacher, Seneca White Deer, photograph, $100.00, Galleria Deptford, (photo Les Howard)

The Seneca White Deer are a rare herd of deer living within the confines of the former Seneca Army Depot in Seneca County, New York. When the 10,600-acre (43 km2) depot was created in 1941, a 24-mile (39 km) fence was erected around its perimeter, isolating a small herd of White-tailed deer, some of whom had white coats. – Wikipedia

Kevin Helmes, Galleria Deptford

Kevin Helmes, Train Track to Oblivion, photograph, $45.00, Galleria Deptford(photo Les Howard)

Train Track to Oblivion reminds me so much of growing up in South Jersey. My buddies and I spent a lot of time walking the tracks and sitting by in the weeds while the trains rumbled by. Sometimes we would try putting pennies or nails on the rails to see if we could get them flattened. Even now when I hear the train whistle blow in South Philly I remember my childhood adventures of looking for spikes that had been shaken loose, our flattened pennies and balancing on the rails.

David Slack, Galleria Deptford

David Slack, Fresh Lobsters, $105.00, Galleria Deptford (photo Les Howard)

The exhibit at Galleria Deptford includes a couple of works that are not actual photographs such as Fresh Lobsters, a digital creation evoking natural elements but stretching the boundaries of the concepts of photography to the limit.

Jeff Stroud, Galleria Deptford

Jeff Stroud, For Ever Wave, photograph, $175.00, Galleria DeptfordRead more about Jeff Stroud‘s photography and philosophy at Philadelphia Art News Blog

Thank you to Les Howard for providing photographs.

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted.

Galleria Deptford located in the Deptford Municipal Building, 1011 Cooper Street, Deptford, NJ. The building is opening Monday through Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm.

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