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Lambertville Historical Society Paint Out

“I’m wondering whether you can recommend emerging artists in the greater Philly/Bucks County/central Jersey area who may want to participate in Lambertville Historical Society’s plein air event this year?  We like the idea of supporting emerging artists, and also want to keep price points generally below $1,000, which would be consistent with folks looking to gain exposure more than to make a bigger profit.” – Caroline Armstrong

We don’t have a prospectus per say, but here is the basic information below

  • Paint out is on Sunday, October 18th.  In the event of inclement weather, artists can paint another day prior to or following the House Tour.
  • While most work is done in oil, we have accepted pastels, acrylics, water color and this year, even a charcoal drawing.
  • Each artist may submit up to two works. Since the silent auction will be scheduled most likely three months following the paint out, artists are free to finish their work in the studio.
  • Subject matter – anything produced from within or of the City of Lambertville. By way of example: viewsheds, streetscapes, landscapes, farmstead, buildings (though note that straight on views of buildings don’t generate quite so much interest), people, river scenes, canal scenes, skyscapes, the list goes on.  Representational, abstract, all good.
  • No size requirements for the artwork.
  • Submissions must be framed or, if not meant for frames, be ready to hang (I think those with frames tend to do better).
  • Artists set the suggested retail price.  Note that we are very much looking for price points below $1,000 – they sell better.
  • Silent auction takes place in the winter  of 2016 (date still to be determined).
  • Opening bid for all artwork starts at 40% of suggested retail value.
  • Proceeds from the sale of artwork are split 50/50 between the artist and the Lambertville Historical Society.
  • Items that are not sold are returned to the artists.

Some interesting historical facts based on our three years of the plein air fundraiser thus far:  Year One: 23 artists, 35 works, 33 sold, Year Two: 26 artists, 38 works, 37 sold, Year Three: 23 artists, 35 works, 32 sold.

We have a selection committee that meets in late June to finalize the list of participating artists.  In the meantime, to the extent you know folks who would be interested based on the above info, or would like to contact me or have me contact them to discuss this further, that would be absolutely great.

Contact Caroline

Thanks to Ross Mitchell for sharing this opportunity with DoNArTNeWs.

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