Large Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch ClubLarge Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch Club

The Large Format Art show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club may not have as many paintings as a regular group art show but there is certainly a whole lot more paint. The walls are covered with large works of art that have at least one length be a minimum of forty inches, the largest painting by RJ Haas is 60″ x 60″, the size limit that could fit up the stairs to the historic gallery. The juried exhibition offers the opportunity to show large artworks that often exceed size constraints for group shows.

“The Philadelphia Sketch Club “support[s] and nurture[s] working visual artists ” by providing studio space through our workshops program as well as by providing exhibition and networking opportunities; we support “ the appreciation of the visual arts ” by providing free public access to our exhibitions; we support “ visual arts education ” through our low cost, open enrollment workshop program; and lastly, we promote “ the historical value of the visual arts to the community ” by providing free public access to our historic collections and facility.”

Large Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch ClubLarge Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch ClubThomas Del Porte, Poseurs, 48″ x 60″. oil on canvas.

Thomas Del Porte intends to tell a visual story within each stroke of paint.  His paintings are made with thousands of little jeweled, thorn like curls, each stroke acting as an individual painting.  He paints from direct observation in the attempt to capture a unique portion of the infinite qualities of light, line, color and spaces that nature provides. His goal is to communicate a visual quality that reveals something new within the movement and drama of the images he translates.” – Thomas Del Porte

Large Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch ClubLarge Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch ClubReagan Lake, Big Iris 2, 48″ x 30″, acrylic mixed media, Third Prize.

Exhibitions at the Philadelphia Sketch Club attracts artists from the region, the USA and the world. To exhibit your work in the gallery is resume worthy but to win a prize is a valued award with bragging rights. I especially liked the medallions with the club’s iconic logo, a wonderful keepsake and an elegant addition to the awards ceremony.

“The Archives of the Philadelphia Sketch Club contain information on individual artists and also on how they interacted in an organization that possesses a unique camaraderie. A key part of the archives is Seventy-Five Years of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, the club history of over 1,000 pages that was compiled in 1936 by Sidney Lomas. Another key part of the archives are the individual artists files that contain information and documents gathered over the years.” – Philadelphia Sketch Club

Large Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch ClubLarge Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Ruslan KhaisLast Sorcery of Autumn, Red and Yellow, oil/acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 50″, First Prize Winner.

Ruslan Khais studied at PAFA and Republican College of Fine Arts – Chişinău, his brilliant canvas, Last Sorcery of Autumn, Red and Yellow, stood out from the glorious fields of color, texture and composition of the surrounding artworks by being at once abstract yet naturalistic. When the artist was awarded his medallion and certificate he was absolutely thrilled saying to the assembled crowd, “I love Philadelphia!”

Large Format Art, Philadelphia Sketch Club through October 18th, 2014, 235 South Camac Street, The Avenue of the Artists, Philadelphia PA, 19107. Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1:00 – 5:00pm.

Also on view in the Stewart Room Gallery will be a joint exhibition by two of our members:

  • Janet Cooke : New and Old works
  • Bill Patterson : PSC Legacy Auction works and some of Bill Patterson’s art collections
  • Reception: Sunday Oct. 12, 2014, 2-4 PM at PSC

Written and photographed by DoN Brewer except where noted.

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