MEDIUM, Da Vinci Art AllianceDa Vinci Art Alliance presents a multimedia group exhibition featuring work by members that express and/or demonstrate MEDIUM. An opening reception for the artists and public will be held on Wednesday, July 2, 6–9pm; awards presentation at 7pm

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Da Vinci Art Alliance announces a call for entries:

MEDIUM, July 2–27, 2014

Description and Eligibility:
This multimedia group exhibition is open to all current Da Vinci Art Alliance members and will
feature visual artworks that express and/or demonstrate MEDIUM.

medium [mē′dē əm]
1. something intermediate; a middle state or degree; a point of balance; mean; an intermediate course of action, that occupies a position or represents a condition midway between extremes.
2. an intervening thing through which a force acts or an effect is produced; an agency by which something is accomplished, conveyed, or transferred.
3. any means, agency, or instrumentality; a means of communication that reaches the general public and carries advertising.
4. Something through which something else is transmitted or carried on; a storage device.
5. any surrounding or pervading substance in which bodies exist or move. The substance or
environment in which a specific organism lives and thrives.
6. a person through whom communications are thought to be sent to the living from spirits of the dead, or with agents of another world or dimension.
7. A specific kind of artistic technique or means of expression as determined by the materials
used or the creative methods involved; The materials used in a specific artistic technique.
8. A filtering substance; a solvent with which paint is thinned to the proper consistency.
9. in a middle position; intermediate in quality, amount, degree, size, etc.

Rules for Entry:
Artists may submit a maximum of two entries, in any medium. Please briefly describe how each work, expresses and/or demonstrates MEDIUM. Work submitted without an explanation will not be eligible for awards. Entry fee: $10, for 1–2 entries. Artists must be current Da Vinci members to participate. Exhibiting artists are expected to gallery sit for a 2-hour shift during regular gallery hours in the month of July. Da Vinci Art Alliance will receive a 20% commission on any artwork sold from the exhibition, and as a result of contacts made through the exhibition. Da Vinci is responsible for press releases, listings, price lists and gallery labels. Images of artwork may be included in promotion. Artwork will be handled with care, but Da Vinci is not responsible for loss or damage; all art will be uninsured. Entry and exhibition of artworks are at the artists’ own risk.

Delivery, Installation, and Retrieval of Artwork:
Artwork will be due for delivery to Da Vinci Art Alliance on Sunday, June 29, 1–4 pm, or Monday,
June 30, 5–7 pm, or by arrangement with the Director. All work must be display-ready, with proper framing, hooks, hanging wire, bases, monitors, projectors or proper equipment; improperly prepared work will not be accepted. Every effort will be made to exhibit all works submitted, but the number of participants, size, and space restrictions may prohibit displaying more than one work by any artist. Staff from Da Vinci Art Alliance may ask artists for assistance with installation if the artwork requires special attention. Pick up of unsold work: Sunday, July 27, 5–7 pm, or Monday, July 28, 5-7 pm. Works not retrieved will incur a $5/day storage fee, unless other arrangements are made with the Director for later pick-up.

An opening reception and awards presentation for the artists and public will be held on
Wednesday, July 2, 6–9 pm.
Delivery of labeled art work: June 29, 1–4 pm, and June 30, 5–7 pm
Installation of show: July 1, beginning at 10 am
Artist Reception and Awards Presentation: July 2, 6–9 pm
Pick-up of unsold art work: July 27, 5–7 pm, and July 28, 5–7 pm

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Da Vinci Art Alliance is a non-profit artists’ organization located in South Philadelphia. The organization was founded in 1931 to serve the needs of professional artists and artisans in the Delaware Valley. Da Vinci Art Alliance currently has over 150 members and is supported through membership dues, gallery rentals, sales commissions, grants, and donations. It holds exhibitions of members’ and non-members’ artwork as well as special events, workshops, performances, poetry readings, and lectures.

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