natural memory spiritual traveling

Lilliana Didovic & Dexiang Qian

natural memory spiritual traveling, Exhibition by Lilliana S. Didovic & Dexiang Qian, Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA., 19147, February 2014.

Opening Reception: February 1, 2014, 6:00 – 10:00pm.

Dexiang Qian paints with precision and a mystical realism, Lilliana S. Didovic paints with loose and lavish strokes of color creating idyllic cityscapes, together the divergent styles accentuates the strengths of each artist. The two artists are fast friends and share many of the challenges faced by integrating into American life, Philadelphia style. Imagine trying to learn English in a town that has ‘youse guys’ as a word?

Professor Dexiang Qian teaches at Hunan Normal University in China and he has has alsways been so kind and complementary to me and my art. Lilliana S. Didovic has made me part of her extended family, I even helped her write her book. But even through there are language barriers, a shared passion for creating exciting, beautiful art is shared.

Hunan Normal University (simplified Chinese: 湖南师范大学; traditional Chinese: 湖南師範大學; pinyin: Húnán Shīfàn Dàxué), founded in 1938, is a higher education institution located in Changsha, HunanProvince, People’s Republic of China. It has existed for 72 years. The University is a national 211 Project university, one of the country’s 100 key universities in the 21st century that enjoy priority in obtaining national funds. – facebook

Dexiang Qian calls Philadelphia home as well, traveling back and forth between China and Philadelphia, he has a studio here and there. Lilliana S. Didovic paints in her studio in at home, usually her son Gordan’s bedroom or at CHOP, Gordy needs full time arm’s length care. Lilliana paints her magic realist landscapes in high definition color on big canvasses. Dexiang works big, too. The show at Da Vinci Art Alliance is sure to be memorable.

Dexiang Qian, Da Vinci Art Alliance

Dexiang QianWorship, oil, 24″ X 18″, Da Vinci Art Alliance, February 2014

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Sibenik, Croatia, February 23, 1954, Lilliana S. Didovic escaped the war in her homeland, Sarajevo, Bosnia, 1992 and was granted political asylum in the United States, 1995. Her family became American citizens in November 2007. Member of the Board of Directors Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA, April 2007 – January 2014.

Lilliana S. Didovic has earned a Master of Arts, Child and Adolescent Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL, USA, Match, 2011, Bachelor of Science in Economics, Major in Marketing and Market Research, University of Economic Sciences, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Europe, December, 1976.

Lilliana S. Didovic at Da Vinci Art Alliance

Lilliana S. Didovic, Cathedrals,  40″ X 30″, mixed media on canvas, this painting represents three cathedrals from Sarajevo, Sibenik and Philadelphia. Da Vinci Art Alliance, February 2014

natural memory spiritual traveling, Exhibition by Lilliana S. Didovic & Dexiang Qian, Da Vinci Art Alliance is sure to be a memorable and historic art show. The global perspective, the artistic excellence, the iconic gallery, the big personalities, warm hearts and accepting open minds make this a Philadelphia art event not to be missed with people from, literally, all over the world planning to attend.

Happy Birthday Lilliana!

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