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ARTnude Philly 2014, James Oliver Gallery

James Oliver Gallery will be hosting this year’s ARTnude event and show on October 18th, 2014 from 5:00 – 11:00PM. We are currently accepting submissions to contribute to this year’s exhibit:

The Body Edited Presented by ARTnude Philly

You may submit to the show by simply downloading an application, attaching three high-resolution images, and sending them online to artnudephilly@gmail.com

If you have a piece that is larger than 24″ x 24″ and you would still like to be considered under special circumstances please email us. The fee for submissions is $15 and can be be payed via check or online throughARTnudephilly.com.

The deadline for submissions is September 15th, 2014, 12 AM. Submit here http://www.formpl.us/form/0B7cAikD8ci1-bTZJb2dsOUFZLUk/

“ARTnude Philly’s donations will be going towards the Abramson Cancer Center Patient Special Needs Fund, which supports cancer patients and families who are in financial need as a result of their diagnosis and treatment. The nurse navigators and social workers use this fund to help pay for necessities such as parking and taxi vouchers, septa tokens, medications not covered by insurance, meals for families accompanying patients to treatment, popsicles for patients to have during chemotherapy, household bills and other living expenses. Donations from ARTnude Philly would help increase the funds available to meet the demand of these patients and families, and provide larger awards to those who are in need of financial assistance.”

ARTnude Philly 2014, James Oliver Gallery

For more information visit ARTnude Philly website: artnudephilly.com

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