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DA VINCI ART ALLIANCE Where Art Is Genius, 704 Catharine St, Philadelphia, PA 19147


Da Vinci Art Alliance’s Open Juried Exhibition of Photography

Opening Reception and Awards Presentation: February 7–28, 2015, Wednesday, February 11, 6–9pm. Juried by Joel Katz award-winning designer, photographer, educator and author.

Gallery Hours: Wed 6–8 pm, Sat–Sun 1–5 pm

The Da Vinci Art Alliance was founded in 1931 and enjoys a distinguished history in Philadelphia. It was formed to serve the needs of artists and artisans and to promote the edification and appreciation of the arts. Our well-located building across from Fleisher was purchased in 1959 to provide studio, and gallery spaces for its members and outreach for the community. Da Vinci maintains a small collection of works by noted founders. The Da Vinci Art Alliance supports community based arts programs, and cultural and educational exchanges through monthly exhibitions, lectures and events.

This vital organization is supported by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund and a diverse group of artists and patrons. As we continue to expand our commitment to our members and our community, Da Vinci Art Alliance welcomes professionally qualified artists and cultural patrons. Da Vinci Art Alliance is supported by annual membership dues, gallery and studio rentals, and a 20% commission on sales of art and receives additional funding from grants and donations for special projects. Through annual dues our members proudly share in the ownership of our building and an honored tradition of volunteerism.

Description and Eligibility: This group exhibition is open to the general public and will feature traditional film and digital photography works. Digital illustrations, manipulations, and PhotoShop special effects will not be permitted, however basic color and contrast corrections are permitted.

Rules for Entry: Artists may submit a maximum of three entries. Artwork submitted must fulfill the photography requirements stated above. Entry fee of $10 for Da Vinci Art Alliance members, $15 non-members, must accompany application. Make check payable to Da Vinci Art Alliance or pay by credit card at drop-off. No cash please. Exhibiting artists may be expected to gallery sit for a 2-hour shift during regular gallery hours in the month of February. Da Vinci Art Alliance will receive a 20% commission on any artwork sold from the exhibition, and as a result of contacts made through the exhibition. Da Vinci is responsible for press releases, listings, price lists and gallery labels. Images of artwork may be included in promotion. Artwork will be handled with care, but Da Vinci is not responsible for loss or damage; all art will be uninsured. Entry and exhibition of artworks are at the artists’ own risk.

Delivery and Installation: Artwork submissions will be due for delivery to Da Vinci Art Alliance on Sunday, February 1, 1–4pm, or Monday, February 2, 6–8pm, or by arrangement with the Director. Because of space restrictions, dimensions are limited to 36” x 36” for 2D work. 3D or installation work is acceptable. All work must be display-ready, with proper framing, hooks, hanging wire, bases, and proper equipment if necessary; improperly prepared work will not be accepted. Staff from Da Vinci Art Alliance may ask artists for assistance with installation if the artwork requires special attention.

Notification and Retrieval of Artwork: Artists will be notified on Wednesday, February 4 via email if their work is not accepted. Pick up of unaccepted work: Friday, February 6, beginning at 10am. Pick up of accepted but unsold work: Sunday, March1, 1–4pm or Monday, March 2, 6–8pm. Works not retrieved will incur a $5/day storage fee, unless arrangements are made with the Director for a later pick-up.

Reception: A reception and awards presentation including cash prizes, is open to the public and will be held on Wednesday, February 11, 6–9pm.

IMPORTANT DATES: Delivery of clearly labeled art work: February 1, 1–4pm, and February 2, 6–8pm. Judging of artwork: February 3. Notification of unaccepted work: February 4.Pick up of unaccepted work: February 6, beginning at 10am. Installation of show: February 6, beginning at 10am. Artist Reception and Awards Presentation: February 11, 6–9pm. Pick-up of unsold art work: March 1, 1–4pm, and March 2, 6–8pm

Entry form OPEN LENS: Photography Exhibition

Artist’s Name ___________________________________________________________

Phone ________________________________________________________________

Email _________________________________________________________________

Artwork #1 Title _________________________________________________________

Year ____________________________ Medium _______________________________

Dimensions ______________________ Price _________________________________

Artwork #2 Title _________________________________________________________

Year ____________________________ Medium _______________________________

Dimensions ______________________ Price _________________________________

Artwork #3 Title _________________________________________________________

Year ____________________________ Medium _______________________________

Dimensions ______________________ Price _________________________________

What dates/times are you available to gallery sit? (only Weds, Sats, Suns) ___________


Please print, and return this sheet with your registration fee, $10 Da Vinci members, $15 non-members (check payable to Da Vinci Art Alliance or credit card at drop-off; no cash please). Artworks will not be accepted without payment. Want to become a member of Da Vinci Art Alliance? Annual membership dues are: $40, $30 students (with proof of valid ID). Da Vinci Art Alliance 704 Catharine Street Philadelphia, PA 19147


Questions? Contact Gaby Heit, Executive Director davinciartalliance@gmail.com, 646-229-3353

For office use only (circle one): Member / Non-Member Registration Fee $________ Final Pick Up, Initialed ________ Artwork #1 Accepted / Picked Up Artwork #2 Accepted / Picked Up Artwork #3 Accepted / Picked Up

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