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David Gerbstadt and NoelDavid Gerbstadt and Noel the Tripod Dog, photo by Tony Babcock

David Gerbstadt has been in my circle of influence for many years through the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, the disabled artists scene and Philadelphia art galleries. Often people will ask me how to sell their art and I refer them to David’s facebook page to see how he gently pokes and prods people to buy his products. David has a way of asking for the sale that would make any sales manager proud. He offers a variety of products, he will do commissions, he up-cycles found objects, he makes gifts for kids and grownups and offers a variety of payment options. David Gerbstadt is an award-winning, prolific fine artist and author of One Breath At a Time. He’s handsome, funny, friendly and highly creative. And he died.

David was riding his bike one day and was run over by a tractor trailer truck and on the way to the hospital he flat-lined. Thank dog he was revived but he is haunted by PTSD nightmares and daytime memories that stop him in his tracks as the thoughts of being dragged under the truck invade his life. These intrusive memories don’t stop him from pursuing his art career and you would never know from his kid-friendly, optimistic artwork that he suffers almost everyday from the traumatic event that changed his life forever.

Noel the tripod dog changed his life, too, when he adopted her a few years ago and became his constant companion. The metaphor of Noel’s survival is sweet and sublime and offers us all hope that we can overcome adversity. David struggles to meet his expenses as you might well imagine. Let’s face it, even able bodied artists have a hard time making a living. But David is optimistic and every once in a while he will ask for help to meet his expenses through special offers and art sales.

David sent me this message:

“Hi DoN – i heard of the Rosa Pizza on 11th Street – $1 slice – you can
buy someone a slice who is in need. they put up a post its in place.
over 8,000 slices given away so far.

i am working on a similar idea. I am asking people to mail a check for $1 to my mortgage co.
if it can work for pizza and coffee – why not for mortgages — i posted on facebook and many people think it’s a great idea.

would you like to do a story on this?
let me know.
thank you

I think it’s a great idea! C’mon send a dollar and help David and Noel own a permanent home forever.

David Gerbstadt

Pay It Forward through the gift economy. Send $1.00 to Green Tree Payment Processing, PO Box 94710, Palatine, IL 60094-4710.  Make a payment note for: David Gerbstadt, 54 Aiken Road, Berwyn, PA, 19312. Make checks payable to Green Tree.

David Gerbstadt

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