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Church St.

 Church St. Art & CraftBen CohenChurch St. Art and Craft, photograph by Jeff Stroud

Church St. Art and Craft, 2nd Annual Summer Juried Art Show, Mt. Holly

Written and photographed by Jeff Stroud

In Mill Race Village, Mt Holly’s Historic area just off Main Street, sits a small two story house on the corner of Church Street. In two rooms of that historic house will be found a monthly collection of local artist work with the co-op member artist the basis of each of the collections. The Church St. Art and Craft space may be small yet it allows one to be intimate with the art, close enough to touch and intimate enough to imagine pieces in your own home.

The exhibition during the month of July is a juried show of member and guest artists who have submitted their work to be juried by Shaun Stipick; Director of the Herman T. Costello Lyceum, Burlington City, NJ. Mr. Stipick’s vision was held upon several oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, mixed medium collage, and upcycled paintings. Nineteen artists competed for wall space and prizes; most of the artists have at least 3 pieces exhibited among this collection.

churchst4 Judy Sawicki, Still Waters, oil, Church St. Art and Craft, photograph by Jeff Stroud

Third place winner is Judy Sawicki, a guest artist, with her small oil painting. ‘Still Waters’ graces the front wall, her work is classic nature scenes capturing the essence of old masters. Second place, a guest artist as well, is Joyce McAfee’s ephemeral watercolor ‘The Dune’; the painting seems to be a mirage, ready to blow away with the next wind.

churchst3Joyce McAfee,The Dune, watercolor, Church St. Art and Craft, photograph by Jeff Stroud

churchst5Maureen Gass-Brown, Traveling Light, pastel water colors, Church St. Art and Craft, photograph by Jeff Stroud

In first place is Maureen Gass-Brown’s ‘Traveling Light’ her pastel water colors seem to capture a sense of journeying to the path paradise. Maureen’s artistry brings nature and landscape to life offering muted color brilliance to her work.

The gallery exhibition is a feast for the eyes and soul, as you travel around the room you are greeted with humor, classic scenery, walks in a garden or on a beach, Ben Cohen’s brilliant primary color pastel flash out in bold reds, yellows, blues capturing city life in a bright flash, playful and humorous.

churchst1Church St. Art and Craft, through August 2nd, Summer Juried Art Showphotograph by Jeff Stroud

Written and photographed by Jeff Stroud

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