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The Artistry of Slot Machines, Visual and Aural CuesThe Artistry of Slot Machines

Following years of disappointing revenue, news that Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino is set to expand have emerged. The expansion is expected to add to the number of total games being offered by the casino, which in turn should allow more people to experience the artistry of slot machines.

As humans, we are creatures that are compelled by visual and aural cues, which is why casinos are often lit with bright flashy lights, ringing with bells and an assortment of other sounds. However, if there was one sense that overpowered the other on the casino floor, it would be sight.

 As Bally Technologies’ Corporate Communications manager Mike Trask said, “When you walk through a casino… you look for something that looks interesting. A player either looks for a game they like or for something that’s appealing visually”.

The imagery depicted on slot machines is crucial in terms of attracting players. Although people find familiarity in the three-reeled slot machines with falling images of fruits, gold bars and dollar signs, gamblers need more entertainment visually in order for them to be convinced of placing more bets. Illustrations have gone digital and now slot machines are utilizing video screens for impeccable graphic design. Video slots have become so popular that Total Gold, the newest player in the online casino scene, has taken to featuring various themed slots like Gonzo’s Quest, Bloodlines, and Spellcast, all with a unique look and feel.

Some themes and artistic designs have resonated over others, and when it comes to graphic design, science is just as much at play as art is. Gamblers have shown a greater preference towards the ocean-themed machines not only because of the high definition skeumorphic graphical user interface, but also because of the color blue ignites feelings of inner peace and security. There are a number of components in the provision of artwork for slot machines. In a way, graphic designers specifically for casino gaming technologies have a more difficult time in art development than other artists, since these graphic designers have to produce an interface that is prominent yet it’s still attempting to appeal to the entire crowd.

The simplicity of the three-reeled slot machine is still pulling patrons in, but now that more casinos are filled with video casino games, players are gaining appeal for higher quality playing with games like the Avatar-themed slot machines. You may not notice the impact of the slot machine artwork at first, yet you will once you realize that you’ve been sitting at the machine for several hours.

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