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Asynchronist, Alex Eckman-Lawn and Jason ChenHollow, Jason Chen and Alex Eckman-Lawn, 2017. Layered cut paper/collage/woven photo. 16.75 x 12.75 inches. Courtesy Paradigm Gallery + Studio.

Paradigm Gallery + Studio is pleased to announce Asynchronist, an exhibition of new works by Alex Eckman-Lawn and Jason Chen.

The presentation explores the aesthetic and conceptual connections between the artists’ practices, with a particular focus on the use of paper cut mediums to investigate the notion of separation. Several works on view were made collaboratively, a first for both artists. The exhibition is on view through October 21, 2017.

Calling to mind the work of Max Ernst and Joseph Cornell, this exhibition presents Eckman-
Lawn’s cut paper and collage pieces that explore the artist’s fear of the body, particularly how Hollow, Jason Chen and Alex Eckman-Lawn, 2017. Layered cut paper/collage/woven photo. 16.75 x 12.75 inches.

Asynchronist, Alex Eckman-Lawn and Jason ChenCaptive Witness, Alex Eckman Lawn, 2017

The body physically entraps and cages the human subject. Drawing from his experience as an
illustrator, he creates a visual narrative using his own distinct vocabulary of symbols and
images, combining seemingly disparate images and sources. Jason Chen will present a new series of handwoven photographs that investigates the notion of duality, interrogating the liminal space between aesthetic perspectives. Rather than a concern with patterning that typifies much of woven artwork, Chen utilizes the process of weaving to deconstruct and reconstruct the photographic image.

About Alex Eckman-Lawn

Alex Eckman-Lawn creates multi-layered, hand-cut, paper collages using everything from his
original digital paintings to imagery from old medical texts. Each layer is spaced, creating a
depth that draws you into the works. His work has appeared in comic books, on album covers,
book covers, T-shirts, music videos, and posters. His cut paper works have most recently been
on display at SCOPE Miami Beach, Art on Paper NY, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Arch Enemy
Arts, Art Dept., Gallery 1988, Crane Arts Ice Box, Bottleneck Gallery, and more. Eckman-Lawn
received his BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in 2007, and is a Philadelphia

About Jason Chen

Jason Chen is originally from Guangzhou, China. He received his BFA in Animation from the
University of Arts in 2008. Jason is a Philadelphia based Photographer specializing in Fashion,
Editorial, and Alternative Process Photography. He is the Co-Founder of Paradigm Gallery + Studio and Juggling Wolf (a film and animation production studio). Jason’s work has been
displayed in galleries and venues including: Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Crane Arts, The Light
Room Gallery, Trust Gallery, Kimmel Center, and Commerce Square.

Asynchronist, Alex Eckman-Lawn and Jason ChenWhat If, Jason Chen, 2017

About Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Established February 2010, Paradigm Gallery + Studio® started as a project between co-
founders and curators, Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston, to create a space in which to make artwork, to exhibit the work of their peers, and to invite the members of the local community make their own artwork in a welcoming gallery setting. Over the years, Paradigm Gallery + Studio has become a gallery of diverse contemporary artwork from around the world, but still with a focus on Philadelphia artists.

Paradigm Gallery + Studio provides an artistic space for both the visual and performing arts,
with a focus on dedicated, emerging to established Philadelphia-based visual artists. We
provide artists with individualized attention, strong promotional support and a transformable
gallery space to make their own. We strive to make art accessible to the whole community
through free bi-weekly events and support work that welcomes a wide audience.


Instagram: @ParadigmGS
Twitter: @ParadigmGS

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Warbler Migration

Deirdre Murphy and Scott White

Deirdre Murphy and Scott White, Warbler Migration

Wife-husband collaborators and UPenn School of Design faculty Deirdre Murphy
and Scott White recently completed a 5 by 25 foot sculpture that was installed last month in the burgeoning Silicon Valley city of Dublin, CA.

The project, which took nearly two years to complete, combines Murphy’s fine arts expertise and climate science research with White’s unique knowledge of digital modeling and 1930’s car design. Murphy and White will be discussing the groundbreaking project at UArts’ Design Philadelphia event this October, detailing their unusual design and build process—an integration of traditional and digital fabrication techniques.

Warbler Migration was inspired by a shy species that resides in the Dublin ecosystem, and one which Murphy developed a particular fondness for in the course of her research. She has been researching the effects of global warming on bird migration for several years, using the visual data that scientists share with her to conceptualize and execute her paintings. The couple sees the opportunity to create environmentally-aware public art as an especially fulfilling one because of the potential to touch so many lives.

“Climate change has created new flight patterns; birds are staying in their summer homes longer, depleting the food supply they rely on to fuel their autumn journey,” says Murphy. “As educators, it’s important for us to share this knowledge. Embedding information about climate change in our art is a softer way to reach a broader audience.”

It was White’s task to take Murphy’s mesmerizing depictions of flocking birds and activate them into 3D space, which he did by digitally designing, then hand cutting and assembling more than 500 aluminum plates into a handcrafted hyperbolic curve.

Murphy’s and White’s presentation will take place Monday, October 9 at 6.30 at 211 South Broad Street, Terra Hall, room 511/513. Process art from Warbler Migration will be on display, along with the Industrial Design NOW exhibition prior to the presentation, from 5:00-6:30. The event is free and open to the public.

Deirdre Murphy and Scott White

Deirdre Murphy is an adjunct professor of fine arts at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, at institutions including the Philadelphia International Airport, New Bedford Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including a Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Fellowship and a Leeway Foundation award, and is represented by the Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia; her work can be viewed at

Scott White is a senior lecturer in animation at the University of Pennsylvania. His sculpture, animation, and designs have been shown nationally and internationally at venues including Design Philadelphia, Philly Works, Woodmere Art Museum, Gross McCleaf Gallery, and the Abington Art Center. Scott has been a visiting artist at institutions such as Philadelphia University, Moore College, and Wilmington University, Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum and is the owner and operator of Preservation Coachworks LLC.

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How Food Moves: Edible LogisticsImage: Amber Art and Design, Corner Store Project

How Food Moves: Edible Logistics

Amber Art & Design / Ryan Griffis & Sarah Ross
Brian Holmes / Otabenga Jones & Associates / Cynthia Main
Claire PentecostPhilly Stake / Stephanie Rothenberg
Candice Smith with Freedom Arts / Kristen Neville Taylor

Daniel Tucker, Guest Curator, Graduate Program Director in Social and Studio Practices at Moore College of Art and Design
March 27 – May 27, 2017
Public Program and Reception: Thursday, March 30, 2017, 6:00 – 8:30pm
Our public program begins at 6:00 pm followed by the reception
Rowan University Art Gallery, 301 High Street West, First Floor, Glassboro, NJ 08028
Admission to the gallery and reception is free and open to the public.
The public program begins at 6:00 pm, led by guest curator Daniel Tucker in dialogue on art, geography, and agricultural planning with Professor Megan Bucknum Ferrigno from Rowan University’s School of Geography and Environment, and with exhibiting artists.

Artists explore the US food supply chain and its complex patterns of distribution in between the point of origin (the farm) and its point of consumption (the plate). The exhibition aims to highlight the work of contemporary artists grappling with the complexity of this movement through multi-media, research-based, and participatory practices that focus a lens on the social and industrial impacts of migrant workers, food justice movements, immigration, multiculturalism, and economic disparities. This project builds upon Tucker’s event series, Moving Units: Where Food & Economy Converge. A companion booklet, produced by Rowan University Art Gallery, serves to provide a general overview of US food supply chains. It includes descriptions of the artist contributions to the exhibition that relate to each step on the chain. Throughout this booklet you read about an approach to geographic education that values connecting with the world outside the classroom. The booklet was researched and written by Megan Bucknum Ferrigno, part-time faculty member of Rowan University’s Department of Geography, Planning and Sustainability. Additional contributions made by Dr. Chuck McGlynn, Dr. Jennifer Kitson and Makenzie Franco.

About the Artists and Projects

With Corner Store, Amber Art & Design – a team of Philadelphia-based artists that work on public art within marginalized communities that have little or no access to art – explores the contemporary sociological and psychological intersection between pan-ethnic Black and Asian communities in Philadelphia and how relationships are shaped based on which side of the counter we stand. (image top)

Illinois-based artists Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross are represented by Between the Bottomlands and the World, a video (combining photographs, narrative writing, and moving images) exploring the rural Midwestern town of Beardstown, IL, a place of global exchange and international mobility, inscribed by post-NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) realities.

Brian Holmes, an art and cultural critic with a Ph.D. in Romance Languages has a long-standing interest in neoliberal globalization and a taste for on-the-ground intervention. His online atlas, Living Rivers, is devoted to the Mississippi and Great Lakes watersheds and shows these fluid ecosystems as they are inhabited by a multitude of creatures and radically altered by human enterprise.

Otabenga Jones & Associates, a Houston-based educational art organization, documents a collaborative art project and public health program addressing the ongoing crisis of obesity and its related risks with “The People’s Plate.” Inspired by the Black Panther Free Breakfast for School Children Program, this art project includes a public mural in Houston and programs to kick off a year-long commitment to health education.

Cynthia Main, a multidisciplinary artist from Missouri focuses on relating to the land as part of an integral view of a more sustainable society. She shares her hand-made buckets and barrels created using traditional techniques to readdress storage as one of the current dilemmas of localizing production.

Chicago’s Claire Pentecost uses photography to show how industrial agriculture is only partly about supplying food and how it is structured to meet the problem of expense and excess capital accumulation when considering the cost of complex machinery, brand name chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and patented seeds.

How Food Moves: Edible Logistics

Philly Stake is a locally-sourced, recurring dinner that raises funds for creative and relevant community engaged projects that contributes to the well-being of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods through community arts, urban agriculture, social services, and activist work.

Stephanie Rothenberg’s Reversal of Fortune: The Garden of Virtual Kinship is a garden in the form of a global map that explores the question of what it means to be charitable through the click of a button and examines the cultural phenomena of online crowd-funded charity and how the flow of money impacts the project, positively and negatively.

How Food Moves: Edible LogisticsStephanie Rothenberg

Candice Smith runs Freedom Arts, an after school collaborative art program at Camden’s Freedom Prep Middle School, which is creating an installation responding to the idea that Camden is a “food desert” and examining the movement of food at their school and in their community.

Philadelphia-based Kristen Neville Taylor’s installation – a globe depicting routes of oranges and actual oranges outfitted with a QR code that links to music, articles, folk tales, and art – was inspired by a lyric from Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” (“and she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China”) which she associated with the market place and the movement of food but also romance and exotic foreign cultures.

Admission to the gallery and reception is free and open to the public. 
Free parking is now available in the parking garage on Mick Drive directly across from the gallery. For visitor information go to our website:

Thank you to Mary Salvante, Rowan University Art Gallery for the content of this post.

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How Not To Be A Starving Artist, Amy VoloshinAmy Voloshin 

Art center presents “How Not to be a Starving Artist”

a panel discussion featuring Kathy Davis, Amy Voloshin, Sarah Van Aken, and Lisa and Rob Papp

1:00 to 3:30 p.m. Oct. 29 at the Horsham Township Library

HORSHAM, Pa. — She may be a successful artist now, having built a multi-million- dollar business around her expressive watercolor painting and inspirational messages. But like many who dream of a creatively fulfilling career, Kathy Davis was once deterred by the myth of the “starving artist.”

“The whole starving artist thing is something we’ve all heard. It kind of puts the fear in people,” says Davis, CEO and chief visionary officer of Kathy Davis Studios, one of the top social expression and lifestyle brands in the country.

The former art teacher wants to help dispel that fear in others considering or struggling with a career in the arts. On Oct. 29, she’ll be part of the panel discussion “How Not to be a Starving Artist,” held at the Horsham Township Library.

The special event, sponsored by the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts, which Davis founded in 2015, will explore the pros and cons of starting your own business versus freelancing or working in-house, as well as offer insights and suggestions for licensing your work and building a brand.

How Not To Be A Starving Artist, Kathy DavisKathy Davis

Davis has invited a diverse gathering of colleagues to join her: fine artist and illustrator Robert Papp; Amy Voloshin, founder and creative director of textile design studio Printfresh; Sarah Van Aken, president of Kathy Davis Studios and founder of fashion brand SA VA; and author and illustrator Lisa Papp.

“We’ve covered a wide variety of industries and combined different perspectives so that anybody could get something out of this, whether they want to be a musician, a writer, a photographer…

“There are so many new fields in the arts, with technology-based companies and social media and computerized design in addition to some of the more traditional mediums. People should really explore and expose themselves to as wide a variety as possible out there before they try to zero in and make a decision.”

Davis herself was 35 before she even considered striking out on her own as an artist. Although she always loved art, she lacked the confidence to pursue it and spent her early adult years teaching sixth grade and then high school art in her native Horsham after she received her master’s degree in art education.

“It was a common conception at the time that being an artist was not a safe career,” she says.

How Not To Be A Starving Artist, Sarah Van AkenSarah Van Aken

Following a divorce, Davis began designing the greeting cards that would launch her career as an artist from a drawing table in the corner of her bedroom, while her children napped. Those cards, with their expressive florals, whimsical designs and heartfelt messaging, have since touched millions.

How Not To Be A Starving Artist, Lisa PappLisa Papp

But the path to success didn’t come easily — and hasn’t for most on the panel. Quakertown’s Lisa Papp, whose illustrated children’s books include “One for All: A Pennsylvania Number Book (America by the Numbers)” and, most recently, “Madeline Finn and the Library Dog,” says no matter her level of achievement, her artistic life remains fueled by faith.

“Faith that the next job will come, that I’ll feel creative when I have to create the next sketch. Faith that I’ll find some part of me to share with the world. Faith that this little job will lead to a big job,” she says. “An artist’s life is a circle of faith, trust, action. You can makea very nice living from art if you are dedicated and professional.”

Even in moments of failure, there are lessons to be learned. Van Aken, a Reading native and Philadelphia resident, became one of the city’s hottest young entrepreneurs when she launched her made-in- Philadelphia fashion brand SA VA in 2009. Its clothing was all produced with varying levels of sustainability, whether it was organic, locally made, fair trade or recycled. Then, in 2013, after becoming a celebrated model for contemporary sustainable enterprise, she shuttered her business amid struggles to raise capital for its wholesale division and unpalatable investor demands.

Today, she considers her uncommonly transparent exit among her greatest accomplishments. “It could have been a disastrous — financially, professionally, personally — situation but each step of the way, I honored the people and process and the ending was even better than the beginning,” she says. “When I started my fashion business, I wanted to be great. I used to identify my greatness by achieving the ultimate in success — positive reviews in the best fashion magazines, a high valuation for my business… As I grew with my business, I saw that greatness is reached by always acting with integrity. Failure helps you find your greatness.”

Such insights are what Davis hopes aspiring artists especially will find valuable at this month’s event.

“You have to believe in yourself and your talent. But you also have to be flexible and adapt to what the market needs,” she says. “I was a starving artist until I found the right way to go about it.”

How Not To Be A Starving Artist, Robert PappRobert Papp

Scatter Joy Center for the Arts presents “How Not to be a Starving Artist

FEATURING: Kathy Davis of Kathy Davis Studios; Sarah Van Aken of Kathy Davis Studios and SA VA fashions; Amy Voloshin of Printfresh; author and illustrator Lisa Papp; and fine artist and illustrator Robert Papp

WHEN:   Saturday, October 29, from 1 to 3:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Horsham Township Library, 435 Babylon Road, Horsham, Pa. 19044

ADMISSION: $25; high school and college students, $10 (proceeds will go to donate art supplies to children in need)


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digital3Floating World: Brooklyn Bridge, Nick Pedersen

Digital Explorations of the Natural World:
Main Line Art Center Presents Panorama 2016
Feature Exhibition, Enlightened Earth


Through November 5, 2016

Mark DorfJulianna Foster | Nick Pedersen

Curated by: Amie Potsic, Executive Director of Main Line Art Center

Panorama Festival & Live Digital Art Presentation with Leo Hylan,
Digital Artist in Residence
Saturday, October 22, 5-9 pm | Free

Enlightened Earth, on view through November 5 at Main Line Art Center in Haverford, explores nature and our complex relationship to its past, present, and feature, through works that engage the photographic medium and digital media by Mark Dorf (New York), Julianna Foster (Philadelphia), and Nick Pedersen (Burlington, NJ).  Curated by the Art Center’s Executive Director and Chief Curator Amie Potsic, Enlightened Earth is the feature exhibition of Panorama: Image-Based Art in the 21st Century, the Art Center’s 2 month celebration of the photographic image and digital media in contemporary art, featuring over 50 events presented by the Center and its 40+ Partners.
In Enlightened Earth, Pedersen, Foster, and Dorf lead us down a path of multi-layered, multi-media discovery through storytelling, scientific research, and fantastical landscapes. Deeply rooted in environmentalism, Nick Pedersen’s layering of photography and digital media shows concern for the future by depicting the ways in which mankind’s creations have an impact on the planet.  Through photography, video, artist books, and prints, Julianna Foster’s work represents distinct narratives, which are informed by her interest in cinema and storytelling and their relationships to photography. Employing a mix of photography and digital media, Mark Dorf’s work explores the post-analogue experience of society’s interactions with the digital world and its relationship to our natural origins.

Complementing the exhibition, Julianna Foster and Nick Pedersen will both present workshops on their techniques during Main Line Art Center’s Fall Session.  Bookmaking: Self-Publishing 101 with Julianna Foster is on Sunday, Sept. 25 from 1-4 pm, and is $90 for Art Center Members, and $98 for non-members.  Nick Pedersen will offer a 2 week workshop, Imaginary Landscapes: Digital Photomontage, on Thursday, Oct. 27 and Nov. 3 from6:30-9:30 pm for $84 for Art Center Members, and $96 for non-members. Advanced registration is required for both via or610.525.0272.

Digital, untiltled20 Mark Dorf 2012untiltled 20, Mark Dorf, 2012

Mark Dorf lives and works in New York and earned his BFA at Savannah Collage of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2011, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  He has exhibited internationally at Division Gallery in Toronto, Postmasters Gallery in New York, Outlet Gallery in Brooklyn, The Lima Museum of Contemporary Art, Mobile World Centre in Barcelona, Harbor Gallery in New York, SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, and Phoenix Gallery in New York.  He has been awarded fellowships to artist residencies in Iceland, Czechoslovakia, Peru, New York, and Colorado and received the Mayer Foundation Grant in 2015.  His work has been published in Surface Magazine, Granta Magazine, and FOAM Magazine and has published two monographs on his work:  Emergence (2015) and Translations (2016).  His work is featured in collections at the Deutsche Bank, the Fleet Library at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Dorf was the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Winner in 2015 and has forthcoming exhibitions at the Untitled Art Fair in Miami and the Prague Botanical Gardens in Czechoslovakia.

Digital, Once You Were an Island 3 Julianna Foster 2015Once You Were an Island 3 Julianna Foster 2015

Based in Philadelphia, Julianna Foster is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of the Arts and has been a guest lecturer at Rowan University and Temple University.  She received a BFA in Design from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2001 and an MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking from the University of the Arts in 2006.  Foster was an artist member of Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia from 2006 to 2013, where she has had four solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in New Orleans, London, and New York. Solo exhibitions in Philadelphia include the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Painted Bride Art Center, Fleisher Art Memorial – Wind Challenge 2013, and Gravy Studio and Gallery.  Select group exhibitions include shows at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Front Gallery in New Orleans, Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, and Power Plant Gallery in Durham.  Additionally, her work has been published in Conveyor Magazine, Proof Magazine, Cleaver Magazine, and Good Game Magazine.  Foster was a 2014 artist in residence at the Philadelphia Photo Art Center and has participated in international group exhibitions in England, Romania, Spain, Korea, and Bulgaria.

Nick Pedersen is a photographer and digital artist based in the Philadelphia area who holds a BFA in Photography and an MFA in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute in New York.  He has exhibited in galleries across the country and internationally, including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, the Griffin Museum of Photography in Massachusetts, Auguste Clown Gallery in Australia, the San Francisco Center for the Book, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, The Banff Center in Canada, and Art Basel Miami. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as After Capture, Beautiful Decay, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Empty Kingdom.  And, he has published two artist books featuring his long-term personal projects Sumeru and Ultima. Pedersen received the Stellar Art Award from Digital Arts California in 2013 and was a Photography Finalist in 2011 for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards.  He has recently completed artist residencies at the Banff Center in Alberta, Canada and the Gullkistan Residency in Iceland.  Pedersen was featured on WHYY’s Articulate in 2016, which includes an interview and footage of his artistic process taking photographs on location in the city of Philadelphia.

Amie Potsic began her tenure as Executive Director and Chief Curator of Main Line Art Center in July of 2012.  Prior to that, she served as Director of Gallery 339 and Director of the Career Development Program at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) in Philadelphia where she curated exhibitions and planned professional development programming for emerging and professional artists. Potsic has curated over 80 exhibitions at venues including The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and Moore College of Art & Design. Potsic is also an established photographer and installation artist who has exhibited her work internationally in Greece, Italy, Colombia, and the United Kingdom as well as in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York.  In addition, she is currently Chair of the Art In City Hall Artistic Advisory Board to the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture & the Creative Economy.

Panorama: Image-Based Art in the 21st Century, is Main Line Art Center’s celebration of the photographic image and digital media and their expansive roles in contemporary mediums like digital photography, printmaking, video, film, animation, and gaming design.  Anchored by Enlightened Earth and a dynamic and interactive evening festival and digital art presentation at Main Line Art Center on Saturday, October 22 from 5 to 9 pm, Panorama features over 50 events over the course of 2 months presented by 40+ Partners and the Art Center, including physical and virtual exhibitions, lectures, portfolio reviews, and educational programs held at the Art Center led by accomplished artists who utilize digital technology to deliver the unexpected.  Panorama is supported  in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and PA Council on the Arts, as well as Business Partners Wilkie Lexus, Main Line Today, Philadelphia Media Network, PECO, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, Main Line Media News, Merion Art & Repro, and Stage Trip Productions (as of 8/25/2016).  Panorama is DesignPhiladelphia feature event.  For a complete list ofPanorama programs, download the digital guide:

Main Line Art Center is the community’s home to discover, create, and experience visual art. The mission of Main Line Art Center is to inspire and engage people of all ages, abilities, and economic means in visual art through education, exhibitions, and experiences. Committed to increasing the visibility and accessibility of art, the Art Center presents innovative exhibitions and events in the community, including Panorama: Image-Based Art in the 21st Century, a Greater Philadelphia-wide celebration of the photographic image and digital media.   Main Line Art Center’s educational offerings for all ages, abilities, and economic means span from traditional to contemporary, and are all held to the highest level of excellence.  In 2015, Main Line Art Center received the Commitment to Cultural Access Award from Art-Reach for the Center’s Accessible Art Programs for children and adults with disabilities, now in their 52nd year. Additionally, the Art Center grants over $12,000 in need-based scholarships annually. Last year, Main Line Art Center engaged 21,000 people through classes, exhibitions, and Summer Art Camp, and touched the lives of over 78,000 through Exhibitions in the Community and festivals across the Philadelphia area.

Main Line Art Center is located at 746 Panmure Road in Haverford, PA, just off of Lancaster Avenue. The Art Center is easily accessible from public transportation and offers abundant free parking. For more information about Panorama, please visit or call 610.525.0272.

Thank you to Main Line Art Center for the content of this post

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