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Intertwined, Mark Conti, DVAAMark Conti, Intertwined, photograph

Intertwined with Nature – an exhibition hosted @ DVAA in Gallery 1

March 7th – 28th

Photography by DVAA member Mark Conti

Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 7th from 6:00 – 8:00pm

Closing Reception: Sunday, March 25th from 3:00 – 5:00pm

DVAA – 704 Catharine St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

DVAA is proud to host Intertwined with Nature, a photography exhibition by DVAA member Mark Conti. Equally drawn to natural and man-made subjects, often finding recurring forms in disparate images, the subject of Conti’s work is varied. These shared forms suggest series-based imagery which grows from common connections that inform one another and are often an unexpected discovery for Conti. The art, then, is ahead of the artist, enlightening and contributing to further growth. Selection and organization in the camera, and subsequent interpretation by the materials, creates images that invite the viewer to reexamine what is before them as if seeing it for the first time, every time.

Technical aspects of the photographic process are imperative for the production of Conti’s work. Unlike other 2D disciplines, such as painting, where composition grows stroke by stroke in an additive way, photography is an organizational activity driven by selection processes. From the early 1970’s through the mid-2000’s, Conti produced his art by using traditional black and white film, personally developing and printing his work in a traditional darkroom. This earlier manner of working informs his current use of digital imaging technologies, bringing traditional techniques to the digital exposure and printing processes.

In Conti’s words: “My goal is to organize forms and gather light in a way that allows the final image to become its own reality and, as much as possible, serve as its own source of light.”

Bio of the Artist: Mark Conti is a photographer of forests and figures, portraits and the poetry of the human figure, cityscapes and landscapes, and with each click of the camera, his depth of emotion is transferred from the lens to the printed image. Conti has experience with a wide range of photographic processes, such as gum bichromate and cyanotypes, but his current work is focused on digital imaging. He produces his own prints, as he believes strongly that this is a critical element of the overall vision of the artist.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia region, Conti studied at Juniata College and earned a degree in photography and English literature. Continuing his studies throughout his career, Mark’s education included attending photography workshops at several noted institutions including Apeiron, Peters Valley and the Art Kane/Cape May Photographic Workshops with such diverse photographers as Ralph Gibson, Art Kane, Linda Connor, George Tice, Larry Fink, Tom Carabasi and Antonin Kratochvil. From there, Conti went on to teach photography workshops at Juniata College and The Cape May Photographic Workshops.

Conti has been making fine art photographs crossing a wide range of subjects for over 30 years. From his early years at Juniata with a gallery show and valuable experience photo-editing the college yearbook, to pursuing freelance commercial work and commission portraiture throughout his career, Conti has been on a storied photographic journey in both black & white and color. A core focus of Conti’s work in his early years centered on perplexing images that presented fragmentary views of the landscape and man-made objects. This work mirrors the disorienting aspects of life and culture in the late 20th century, and the “macro” landscapes and abstract images challenge viewers to react to a fragmented view of the world and compare it to their own experience. Conti’s photography then expanded to include the human figure.

These photographs combine the earlier works’ fragmentary view of the landscape with the human form. Executed with conventional materials and special techniques using infrared film, his figure work contrasts strong landscape elements with the body, setting the figure in sharp relief from the environment – suggesting isolation while focusing attention on the body’s relationship to the land. Conti’s most recent work explores contour, texture, and color melded with the strong forms present in his earlier work. Executed with digital cameras and pigment print materials, these images combine aspects of both photography and printmaking which have expanded Conti’s boundaries.

ABOUT DVAA: MISSION: Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) provides artists with a community that fosters artistic expression and growth through our exhibitions and programs. VISION: DVAA is a supportive community of artists and creatives focused on capturing the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. A luminary artist, scientist, architect, engineer, musician and humanitarian, Da Vinci’s curiosity inspires creativity, innovation and collaboration among our membership. Like Leonardo, we ask big questions, ponder complex ideas, experiment with form and create new ways of engaging with and sharing our art.

Thank you to DVAA for the content of this post.

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Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2016THIS OCTOBER: Explore. Discover. Enjoy.

Philadelphia’s Vibrant Visual Arts Community

Discover Philadelphia’s visual arts community this October with the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, a free citywide arts festival Oct 8 – 9 and Oct 22 – 23 #POSTPHL

 Explore open studios and art experiences in every Philly neighborhood this October with the Phl Open Studio Tours #POSTPHL

Starting October 8, 2016 The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) is pleased to present the 17th Annual Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. As Philadelphia’s premier fall visual arts festival, the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST) presents a behind-the-scenes glimpse of visual artists at work through self-guided tours of artist studios and creative workspaces, hands-on workshops, gallery exhibitions, demonstrations, artist talks, special receptions, and more. Great for all ages, POST is the most comprehensive tour of artist studios in the region. For complete program information, including a list of more than 200 participating artists and community partners, neighborhood maps, artwork and studio images, and a detailed schedule of events, visit

Featured Exhibition Series

CFEVA and POST are pleased to feature several noteworthy exhibitions and events in all corners of the city, springing from ongoing collaborations with commercial galleries, local businesses, fellow arts organizations, educational institutions, and non-traditional studio spaces. Of the many corollary programs taking place throughout October, POST is proud to announce its 2016 Featured Exhibitions:

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2016, Nick Cassway Above the Sounds of Ideologies ClashingNick Cassway

Above the Sounds of Ideologies Clashing

An exhibition of work by Nick Cassway, the Antonia W. Hamilton Fellow

October 8th – November 10th, 2016

Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm

Opening Reception: October 13, 5 – 7pm

Open during POST West and POST East, noon – 6pm

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, 237 S. 18th Street, Suite 3A, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Nick Cassway merges a fine arts practice with commercial design, iconography, and illustration to create vibrant works with bold and impactful imagery. Coinciding with POST, “Above the Sounds of Ideologies Clashing” will transform CFEVA’s gallery into an immersive room-sized installation. Inspired by the story of Johannes Kelpius, the Hermit of the Wissahickon, Cassway’s custom designed wall coverings explore systems of belief through an evolving scene of an encounter between a believer and a skeptic.

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2016, Kelly KozmaDance Magic Dance, Jump Magic Jump by Kelly Kozma


An Exhibition Highlighting Five Philadelphia Artists

January 15th – December 15th, 2016

Open during POST West and POST East, On view 24 hours

Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia, 1800 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Grab some food and drinks at the Sonesta Hotel’s Art Bar and see CFEVA@Sonesta: Highlighting Five Philadelphia Artists. This exhibition features work by: Kelly Kozma, Brienne RosnerKristin Schattenfield-Rein, Amy Stevens, Michael Yoder.

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2016, Kristen Schattenfield-ReinKristin Schattenfield-Rein

 ArtBox at Shirt Corner

An exhibition of work by Kristin Schattenfield-Rein

August 1st – October 14th, 2016, Open during POST West

ArtBox @ Shirt Corner, 259 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Kristin Schattenfield-Rein’s paintings utilize various mediums (epoxy resin, glass, sand, graphite flake and silvered tar) to produce a layered, reticulative effect. Rein’s current work adheres, just barely, to the convention of wall hangings—they creep past their edges to become sculptural and suggestive of something beyond the obvious. Kristin’s work is on view in the Art Box street level window gallery located in Old City on the north side of Market Street just east of 3rd Street.

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2016, Rob MillerAerospatial 14Rob Miller

POST—Philadelphia Artists in the Community

An Art Gallery at City Hall exhibition

October 10th – November 10th 2016, Monday – Friday, 10am–4pm

Art Gallery at City Hall, City of Philadelphia’s Office of Arts,

Culture and the Creative Economy, City Hall, Room 116, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Celebrating the diversity of Philadelphia neighborhoods and the artisans that thrive within, “POST—Philadelphia Artists in the Community” will showcase works by selected POST participants in City Hall during the month of October. The exhibition will be organized by neighborhood, demonstrating the uniqueness and strength of our city’s artistic community.

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2016, Ben VoltaPattern Process, Ben Volta

Ben Volta: Pattern Process

A Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts exhibition

September 21st – November 20, 2016, Open during POST West and POST East

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am–5pm, Wednesday 10am—9pm, Saturday—Sunday, 11am –5pm

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Alumni Gallery, Historic Landmark Building

118-128 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Ben Volta (Certificate ‘02) creates intricate public murals and sculptures, working at the intersection of education, restorative justice, and urban planning. His practice stands on the belief that art can be a catalyst for change, within individuals as well as the institutional structures that surround them.

His exhibition in the Alumni Gallery at PAFA will draw from multiple projects created with students and recently incarcerated youth throughout the city. These projects use a collaborative drawing process to generate complex wholes that are more than the sum of their parts.

Thank you to Julia Fox of the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST), a program of The Center for Emerging Visual Artists for the content of this post.

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Sweet Tooth

Neil Marcello, Sweet Tooth, 3rd Street GalleryNeil Marcello, Good and Plenty, Sweet Tooth Series, 2014-2016


Through  July 31, 3rd Street Gallery, 45 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia

ARTIST TALK – Sunday, July 10, 2:00 – 4:00pm

Q & A WITH THE ARTIST – Friday, July 15, 5:00 – 7:00pm

The 3rd Street Gallery is pleased to announce, Sweet Tooth, the solo show of photographer Neil Marcello whose works continue to explore complex industrial solutions that ultimately become the problems that bear examining.

In Sweet Tooth Neil’s photographs of architectural dioramas, that he designed and hand built, suggest the role industry plays in the production of candy and the use of artificial dyes in the United States. His interest in the candy industry began as a boy consuming readily available sweets such as Nestles, Butterfinger, which just recently eliminated artificial dyes in its manufacturing process for this particular brand of candy.

neil2Neil Marcello, LemonHead, Sweet Tooth Series, 2014-2016

He was surprised to learn that the Mars candy manufacturing company used (and continues to use) natural dyes in their production of candies in Europe, and the United Kingdom, but not in the United States.

He says, “I offer them up as kitsch motifs, similar to the shapes, colors and forms used by candy manufacturers to stimulate and entice the viewer…”.

While viewing these fantasy images, Neil encourages the viewer to reflect on how far we may be willing to go in order to satisfy our cravings. Together with the launch of his latest exhibition, Neil has collaborated with Philadelphia street photographer, Ronald Dean Corbin, on the release of Corbin’s new self-published photographic book, entitled “Photographs My Way” (2016), available on Amazon.

Contact: Neil Marcello

Please contact the artist for prints and commissions

neil3Neil Marcello, Twizzlers, Sweet Tooth Series, 2014-2016

3rd Street Gallery, an artist-run fine arts gallery, opened its first space in 1978 on the corner of 3rd  and Bainbridge in South Philadelphia. It has shown numerous artists since its inception and currently hosts fifty member-artists. These multigenerational, award-winning artists hold advanced degrees in the arts and sciences, work in diverse traditional and contemporary media, and have their works included in collections at museums, as well as in corporate and private collections.

Thank you to Neil Marcello for the content of this post.

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Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryTheresa Stigale

Philadelphia Photo League’s Photo Walk Exhibition at the

National Realty Art Gallery

by Laura Storck

I recently attended the Philadelphia Photo League‘s Photo Walk Exhibition at the National Realty Art Gallery in Old City on First Friday — and WOW! This exhibition documents very beautiful and insightful images from neighborhoods across the Philadelphia area from the varied perspectives of members of the Philadelphia Photo League.  

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryMike Klusek, South Kensington (top}, Fitler Square (bottom)

Over the course of several months, the PPL documented several neighborhoods as part of an on-going photo walk series. The creation of the work was coordinated by the PPL’s “neighborhood expert”, photographer Mike Klusek. This impressive exhibit will be on display through early March.

Philadelphia Photo LeaguePhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryTrevor Mayo, Navy Yard

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryJudy Murray

Philadelphia Photo Society at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery, Jennifer Brinton Robkin

Philadelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty GalleryJano Cohen, Brewerytown

The history and mission of the Philadelphia Photo League (PPL):

The Philadelphia Photo League is a cooperative of amateur and professional photographers who have come together around a range of common social and creative causes. The League was founded in July 2012 by a group of Philadelphia area photographers / activists who are committed to social change through the use of documentary photography. Our core mission is to help civic organization drive change through the use of photography. Our organization was inspired by the historic New York Photo League which was active from 1936 to 1951 and included among its members some of the most noted American Photographers of the mid-20th century.  

In 1936 a group of young, idealistic photographers, formed an organization in Manhattan called the Photo League. Their solidarity centered on a belief in the expressive power of the documentary photograph and on a progressive alliance of ideas and what photography could become. A unique complex of school, darkroom, gallery, and salon, the League was also a place where you learned about yourself. One of its leading members was Sid Grossman who pushed students to discover not only the meaning of their work but also their relationship to it. This transformative approach was one of the League’s most innovative and influential contributions to the medium. Sixty years ago, the Photo League fell victim to Cold War witch-hunts and blacklists, closing its doors after 15 intense years of trailblazing – and sometimes hell-raising – documentary photography. From unabashedly leftist roots, the group influenced a generation of photographers who transformed the documentary tradition, elevating it to heady aesthetic heights. We hope to continue, and advance, this legacy.

We pursue our mission by creating a unique environment, where all types of serious photographers, using all types of media, can gather together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration – plus enjoy a sense of community, while fostering positive change in our world.

The PPL is actively seeking members in order to actively contribute to it’s growth and influence.  If you are a devotee of documentary or street photography, and have an interest in social causes, consider joining today. The PPL is open to all photographers, from amateur to professional.

See their amazing work on the PPL Flickr page, check out the official blog , or follow them on Facebook.  The Philadelphia Photo League advertises their upcoming events via their meetup page: photo walks, classes, critiques, and exhibits, and photographing events to support and document social activism and awareness.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, at The Philadelphia Building, 1315 Walnut Street at 7 p.m.  Come meet the members of PPL, see their work and accomplishments, network, and socialize. I’ve been a member of the PPL for 2 years and I currently serve as an assistant event organizer and communications leader. Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other members of the PPL leadership team if you’d like to share any social causes or events that need promotion towards a greater awareness.

Philadelphia Photo League At National Realty GalleryPhiladelphia Photo League at National Realty Gallery

Written and photographed by Laura Storck




Twitter: @Laura_Storck

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Shades and Tones, Poems at Da Vinci Art AllianceShades and TonesPoems at an Exhibition, Da Vinci Art AllianceGolden Forest, monotype by Linda Dubin Garfield

Shades and Tones, Poems at an Exhibition, Da Vinci Art Alliance

Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, is pleased to present SHADES & TONES: Poems at an Exhibition on Sunday, May 17, 2- 5 PM. Three fine poets will be reading their work- Rosemary Cappello, Maria Fama and David Kozinski.  In the gallery, the exhibition SURPRISE OF THE NEW, featuring local artists inspired by travel- Bobbie Adams, Rachel Citrino, Linda Dubin Garfield, Carla Lombardi and Barbara B Rosin runs through May 27, 2015 with a closing reception. All receptions and events are free and open to the public.  This event has been selected for BEST IN MAY by uwishunu!  For more information, visit

Rosemary Cappello’s poetry has appeared in Voices in Italian Americana, Poet Lore, Iconoclast, Avanti Popolo, Sweet Lemons 2Schuylkill Valley Journal, Poetry Ink, and many other publications from 1971 to the present. She has often been the featured reader at places where poets congregate in the Philadelphia area, as well as venues in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. She was invited to read her immigrant father, John Petracca’s poetry and her own on Ellis Island in 1979, a memorable experience. Her most recent readings were at Fergie’s Pub, sponsored by the Moonstone Arts Center, and the Lansdowne Library, for the Cadence Crafters poetry group. Her poems have been translated into Italian, Spanish, and French. Rosemary’s most recent chapbook is San Paride, named for the patron saint of Teano, Italy. She is currently working on a collection of love poems. Rosemary’s most time-consuming work is that of editing and publishing the annual literary journal, Philadelphia Poets, which she founded in 1980, and planning and presiding over readings in connection with that publication. A graduate of Notre Dame High School, Moylan, Pennsylvania, she received her BA, Summa cum Laude, from Widener University in Chester. Her awards include the Nearing Prize for Literature and Widener University’s Prose and Poetry Awards.

Maria Famà has written six books of poetry, co-founded a video production company, recorded her poetry in CD compilations of music and poetry, and given readings across the United States as well as on TV, Radio, Video, and Film.  She appears in the 2007 film, “Pipes of Peace,” about the late jazz bagpipe musician, Rufus Harley, as well as in the award winning documentaries “Prisoners Among Us,” and “La Mia Strada, My Way.”  Famà was awarded the 2002 and the 2005 Aniello Lauri Award for Creative Writing.  She was the 2006 winner of the Amy Tritsch Needle Award for Poetry.   Famà’s latest book of poems, Mystics in the Family, was published by Bordighera Press in 2013.  Maria Famà lives and works in Philadelphia, where she teaches English at DeVry University.

David P. Kozinski won the Dogfish Head Poetry Prize, which included publication of his chapbook, Loopholes. He has been the featured poet in Schuylkill Valley Journal. Publications include Apiary, Fox Chase Reviewglimmertrain.comMad Poets Review, Philadelphia StoriesPoetry Repairs, Margie, and The Rathalla Review. Kozinski was one of ten poets chosen by Robert Bly for a workshop sponsored by American Poetry Review and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice. Last November he conducted a poetry workshop for teens at the Montgomery County Youth Center and in 2012 offered a four-session workshop for adults titled “Poetry Presentation & Publication” at the Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center. He received Honorable Mention in Philadelphia Poets’ 7th Annual John & Rose Petracca & Family Award.In November 2007 he received the Dr. Eugene J. Szatkowski (“Schot-kov-ski’) Achievement Award from the Americans of Polish Descent Cultural Society (AMPOL) for his poetry and visual art. As a young child, he studied at the Delaware Art Museum. In the early 1970s he was a student at the École d’Art Americaines in Fontainebleau, France and was among the students who completed the first Art Major course offered at Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE in 1974. Kozinski heads the publicity team for the Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center. He lives in Wilmington, DE with his wife, actress and journalist Patti Allis Mengers.

Thank you Linda Dubin Garfield, printmaker/mixed media artist/blogger, for the content of this post.
The ART of Travel –

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