20th Annual Art Ability

20th Annual Art Ability Art Exhibition and Sale, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital

Opening November 7, 2015–January 31, 2016
The exhibit officially opens with a Preview Reception on Saturday, November 7, 2015. For ticket information, email

Visit the 20th Annual Art Ability Art Exhibition and Sale, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital beginning the first Sunday in November. To inquire about purchasing artwork outside of business hours, email artability@mlhs.orgor call 484.596.5607.

Art Ability at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital is a year-long program which serves as a showcase for, and celebration of, artists with disabilities. Through art, we hope to inspire patients to reach beyond their limitations, and to encourage people with disabilities to explore their own creativity.

Established in 1996, Art Ability includes the following major components: an annual international juried exhibition and sale of art and fine crafts produced by individuals with disabilities; community outreach and education opportunities including satellite exhibitions and interactive demo days; our permanent collection of artwork and the incorporation of artwork into the patient experience; and a corporate art acquisition program.

The Program’s goal is to foster a better appreciation of people with disabilities through the achievements and stories of our artists. As art enriches their lives, we hope their creativity, talent and exuberant spirit will enrich your life.” – Art Ability

20th Annual Art Ability, Max TzinmanMax Tzinman,Unfocused 2, Giclée on Canvas, 20th Annual Art Ability Art Exhibition and SaleBryn Mawr Rehab Hospital

Max Tzinman was born in Romania and lived in Israel and Canada, immersing himself in a multitude of cultures that influenced his artistic/philosophical concepts. Born with a severe hearing impairment, photography has allowed Tzinman to consistently tell his story in a continuously moving world. Tzinman merges painting, photography, collage and assemblage, to produce a series of deep and mysterious images. Max Tzinman’s works often show the isolation and invisibility he felt of his early childhood experience dealing with his impairment.” – Art Ability

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I am very proud to have three artworks included in the 20th Annual Art Ability Art Exhibition and SaleBryn Mawr Rehab HospitalThe last time I was included in Art Ability my work was selected to be in group art shows at the Delaware Art Museum, The Philadelphia Foundation and pop up shows at rehab facilities. The exposure, the care, the intention is all about promoting art by artists living with physical challenges. Whenever I think about being part of Art Ability I remember my friend Arnie Segal, a successful sculptor. Arnie introduced me to the benefits of participating in the expansive art exhibition dedicated to art by disabled artists. I’ll post a story about my art in Art Ability on DoNArTNeWs. – DoN

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