Ellen Hallie Schiff, Pii Gallery
Ellen Hallie Schiff, Ruined 8, oil, enamel, wire, tape, charred wood on charred canvas, 20″ x 16″, PII Gallery

Ellen Hallie Schiff, Ruined – Recent Constructions

Ellen Hallie Schiff, Ruined – Recent Constructions, November 6 – 26 at PII Gallery242 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215.592.1022,

“The new work is called ‘RUINED’. Although I am a painter, these works are really constructions. I burn my old canvases and add bits of wood, tape, wire, screening and metal to create a seemingly random composition that actually works. A number of these pieces have a work on either side of the canvas. As I work on one exposed side off the  canvas, inevitably the other side begins to take on its own life as well.It has been said of these works:

These works are so solid even though they are full of holes. By deconstructing the canvas itself, Schiff explores her vulnerability, which underlies the process of creation/ human endeavor and personal connection.” – Ellen Hallie Schiff

“When my work is going well it exudes an off-hand yet exciting quality. My paintings have been described as powerful, very emotional and strong.

Swaths of paint wiped away to reveal a ghost image beneath; more paint pushed around to create layers of history. The search for the elegant random shape all work in concert to form a new entity entirely.” – excerpt artist statement, Ellen Hallie Schiff

About Pii Gallery

“The PII Gallery features work from around the world, focusing primarily on Eastern European and American contemporary art. On the first Friday of every month a new exhibition premieres, and the Gallery’s doors open to a crowd of international and local art lovers, as well as the casual passer-by. PII Gallery has developed a reputation for providing something otherwise unavailable in Philadelphias gallery district — a consistently strong selection of international artists working in textile design, printmaking, painting, sculpture and photography. PII Gallery has recently expanded to include an annex, devoted to showcasing local and international emerging artists. Located in a centuries’ old building in historic Old City the gallery is perfectly situated to serve people from a wide array of cultures.” – PII Gallery

PII Gallery242 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215.592.1022,

Thank you to Ellen Hallie Schiff for the content of this post.

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