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Kirby Fredendall, Painter & Alex DamevskiKirby FredendallEvening Falling, oil on canvas, 36″ X 48″, 2016

Kirby Fredendall, Painter & Alex Damevski, Photographer present:

“New Work”, an Open Studio event, November 5th   & 6th , 2016

The studios will be open from 11:00am – 5:00pm daily at 1448 Street Road, New Hope, Pa.

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 5th, 6 – 9:30pm

Kirby Fredendall is a formally trained artist who attended Duke University. Her new body of work depicts recent landscapes inspired by Friend’s Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. These images represent a dramatic departure for Fredendall who has been successfully showing her abstractions for many years.

For Kirby Fredendall,  “The visual drama of the lake is never the same. Multiple conditions of light created by the time of day and the weather create textures in the water, patterns in the clouds, and juxtapositions of color that vibrate with one another to form a compelling visual and highly personal experience.  Fredendall additionally “enjoys the manipulation of paint and how that process in itself contributes to the life and form of the final image.” These images represent her interest in the beautiful and ever changing landscape of upstate New York.

Raised in Carversville, PA, Kirby Fredendall has taught painting, drawing, and design for 23 years at Solebury School, and now also teaches from her home, Glendale Art Studio.

Alex Damevski is a Yugoslavian photographer who immigrated to the United States. He attended Syracuse University and later attended Temple University for his graduate work.

Memories around photography as a child in a new country inspired Alex Damevski deeply and the affinity for photography has never left him  – from pressing the shutter, to developing the film, to his current use of digital photography.

On his work Alex Damevski states: “When I look at a subject or a scene that I am going to photograph I frame it in my mind and think about things that have influenced me. A painting, a song ,a memory , or a person. The image I capture makes me revisit these thoughts and hopefully causes the same reaction in the viewer.”

More information can be found on the artists’ websites: www.kirbyfredendall.com and www.alexdamevski.com

Kirby Fredendall, Painter & Alex Damevski

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